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Yang is an ancestor of Junjie who lived two thousand years ago and was the first Protector of the Eastern Caverns of his time.


Yang was a master archer who lived nearly 2000 years ago in the land of China. He lived in the time of the first emperor of China. He was the only person who stood up to the evil Emperor and his army, who planned to rule the land and find the ancient elixir of immortality. But the Emperor wielded dark and supernatural powers which would knock Yang off a cliff and into a river that would lead to a hidden opening. And when he awoke, he would go deeper into the passage and find a strange and wonderful new world (Peach Blossom Spring Cavern) and find others living there as well and creatures known as Slugs.

Eventually he would find a way to combine slugs and his archery skills and martial arts to than go on to creating Slug Fu and becoming the first Eastern Champion. However the Emperor would eventually find out about this new world and would eventually find it, however Yang would face him again and would eventually crumble the ground beneath the Emperor and send him down a 18-19 level drop, ushering in a new era of peace. And 88 generations later, Junjie was born.







  • Yang lived 88 generations ago (nearly 2020 years ago) and was originally from The Surface (China).
  • He was a great archer and a master of ancient martial arts.
  • Joo-Joo originally belonged to Yang.
  • Using his skills and new slug friends, he would go on to create Slug Fu.
  • He would later become the first Eastern Champion.


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