Only a Slug Fu Master may wear a Wrist Blaster
Junjie to Underlord Holt[src]

A "Wrist Blaster" or "Wrist Slinger" is a type of hands-free blaster that's strapped around a person's wrist, and is seen to give an upper-hand in battle.


First seen in "Endangered Species", wrist basters were first introduced to the series in The 99 Caverns, where they could be seen as a common yet rarely seen commodity. However with the introduction of Junjie, then came the introduction of The Eastern Caverns and a whole new side of rich history and respect for these blasters.

While they may be overlooked in the 99 Caverns; in the Eastern Caverns, wrist blasters were made as a refined form of blaster-slinging to give easier access to performing the ancient art of slugslinging known as Slug Fu and since then they have become a status symbol for Slug Fu Masters, and no one but a Slug Fu Master is meant to wear them.



  • According to Junjie only Slug Fu masters have the choice of wearing wrist blasters, however in Slugterra: Ghoul from Beyond, all the Marauders seemed to be wearing one.
  • They are often referred to as "Wrist Slingers".


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