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Will Shane was the Shane of Slugterra and the father of Eli Shane, and trained by The Unbeatable Master herself.


Trained by the Unbeatable Master herself, Eli’s father Will was one of the most skilled slugslingers in Slugterra before he mysteriously disappeared. Eli has taken over his father’s role as the Shane, and is determined to find out what happened to him.


Will Shane is a caring, responsible father and a hero. He is able to stabilize being a Shane to Slugterra as well as a father to his son, Eli Shane. Although his personality was never elaborated on, he had a heroic and good heart, which his son had inherited as well. He cares a lot about his Slugs, and names his Slugs like Eli does, as proven when he named Burpy. He seems regretful and sorrowful to leave his son behind to defeat Dr. Blakk.

He is secretive from where he comes from, as to protect the balance between Slugterra as well to protect his son who is to be the next Shane. Even though Eli is his son, Eli states that his father still remained secretive even to him, which frustrated him. Despite being father and son, it seems that Eli knows less about his father than he actually thinks. Even so, Will loves his son very much.


Early Life

Not much known is known about Will's early life, but he lived part-time in Slugterra and part-time in the Surface. When he was about 15 years old, he was confronted by the Unbeatable Master and when he had proven himself to her, he spent about 10 years learning from her to become a master slugslinger. He eventually settled down and got married to have a son named Eli. He raised Eli as well as protecting Slugterra at the same time. At one point, he promised Eli that he would take him down to Slugterra and they would start their adventure together.


When Eli was ten years old, he was dueling Dr. Blakk, his lifelong rival who had gone the wrong side of the path. Blakk then uses a Tempesto Ghoul Slug which short-circuits and starts to suck in Will. He then tells Burpy to go tell his son Eli about his demise and to give him a letter. He is unfortunately unable to make his promise with his son to go to Slugterra together.


Will returns as the Goon's new host in Return of the Elementals, becoming the movie's main antagonist until he is freed by Eli. However, he sacrifices himself for Eli and the Elementals by pushing himself, Dr. Blakk and the The Goon into a portal (presumably) that leads to the Deep Caverns.

He is just mentioned in Slug Fu Showdown as Junjie suggests that, if Eli wants to look for his father, the boy could well need Elementals to face all the possible dangers, and must train in Slug Fu. Will finally appears as a hologram, contained in the mind of an Enigmo Slug, in Into the Shadows, while he tells Eli that he is sorry for not being with his son and wishes Eli a happy birthday.


Family Tree

Unknown Shane
Jimmo Shane
Unknown Shane
Will Shane
Eli Shane




Neutral Status


  • Fans speculated that Nacho is actually Will Shane, though this was disproven in "Back to Blakk" when Nacho is seen shifting from his Darkbane form, prior to Will's disappearance.
  • Will Shane was either trapped behind the portal underneath Slugterra or trying to keep low. He might have been sent to the Deep Caverns.
  • Will Shane owns an Aerrow action figure (as seen in Inheritance) a character from Storm Hawks. This could be a reference to the fact the makers of Slugterra made Stormhawks, another TV Show and also because Aerrow, Will Shane and Eil Shane are all voiced by Sam Vincent

    Aerrow from Storm Hawks

  • Will Shane is voiced by Sam Vincent, who as well voices Will Shane's son Eli Shane.
  • Fans believe that Will Shane was sent back to the Deep Caverns when he saved Eli and the Elementals.


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