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The Water Elemental is an ancient Elemental Slug and one of the forbearers of the slugs found in SlugTerra. It officially debut in Slugterra: Return of the Elementals.


The Water Elemental is a small light blue slug with similar characteristics to the fire elemental, only blue. She has one tooth that sticks out on the left side of her mouth. When she transforms she kind of looks like a mermaid wearing blue armor and her teeth are always straight. No one knows her ghoul velocimorph. The first time the Shane Gang saw it ghouled the Water Elemental was in its protoform.


  • Return of the Elementals (First appearance)
    In Slugterra: Return of the Elementals, it was first seen in Dr Blakk's hands after being ghouled.When The Goon controlled Dr Blakk, the Water Elemental along with the Air Elemental was with Dr Blakk, when Eli shot Doc towards Dr Blakk and The Goon, unghouling the Water Elemental and Air Elemental. She is then use along with other elemental to save Slugterra.
  • Slug Fu Showdown
    In Slugterra: Slug Fu Showdown, like the other elementals (except Doc), she is playful and somewhat unpredictable. When Eli went for training with Junjie, she was use by a girl in Quiet Lawn Cavern to defeat the Hooligang and later were captured by Sedo. Sedo then shot it to create a large water pool in his cavern. In the end, Eli used Slug Fu on her to saved Slugterra from being reduced to rubble.
  • Slugterra: Eastern Caverns
    In Slugterra: Eastern Caverns, She and the other elementals were used to active the terra portal to the Eastern Caverns. After being captured by the Emperor, her powers were used to power up his Cypotociff.
  • The Lady and the Sword
    In The Lady and the Sword, She was used by Eli to extinguish the fire outbreak in Peach Bloosm Spring Caverns.
  • The Return of the Eastern Champion
    In The Return of the Eastern Champion, she and the other elementals become guardian slugs in order to seal the Emperor in the deep caverns.



  • Tsunamopunch - Sends a massive wall of water crashing down on its target.
  • Ultratide - Churns a body of water into a massive storm or flow in its chosen direction.
  • Megastorm - Assails its opponent with a torrential storm of rain, sleet, hail and snow.


  • Bubblebeam - Churns a body of dark water into a massive storm or flow in its chosen direction.

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