Okay so this is a really big deal and needs to be noticed by ALL Slugterra viewers.


It is illegal unless the official Slugterra YouTube channel ( has uploaded them. The show is copyrighted. If another YouTube channel uploads them that isn't the one linked above, report it or ignore it. By uploading episodes they are taking money away from the show so avoid clicking on one of these videos. If you happen to, dislike the video, comment and ask them to remove the episode (nicely, they are still people) then leave the video as soon as possible (don't linger on it). On YouTube people get paid by the view and not the like or subscriber. People feel there is no need to buy the DVD if the episode is already online which takes money away from the show. Taking money away from the show stops new games, episodes, movies and merchandise from coming out.

To support the show buy the DVDS and other merchandise in stores and online that the official Slugterra page ( has approved of.

If possible, try contacting the official Facebook page and tell them about this issue. Be a Slugterran hero and stop viewing episodes on YouTube (and online because the same reasons apply)

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