The protoform is black with a grey belly and stripes. It has pale, mint green horns instead of antennae on its head and black eyes with red irises. It has gigantic pale mint green fangs. The velocity has large fangs, black with grey stripes and pale mint green horns.

General Information

Name: Hacksmitter

Preferred Habitats: Cities, junkyards

Power Type: Dark Hacker Slug

Element: Dark Shadow

Rarity: Uncommon


Scrambler- Scrambles all electrical energy in a small area, shorting everything out. Similar to an Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) blast.

Hackpulse- Creates such a powerful magnetic pulse that it knocks blasters out of opponent's hands and knocks them back.

Jamfang- Latches onto a electrical appliance and jams it, releasing pulse waves that hurt opponents' ears and knocks them back.

Hackstorm- Dives into the air and creates a gigantic electromagnetic pulse that disables all electrical devices and knocks opponents back.

DarkHack-Hacks a gadget such as a computer, and scrambles up the codes, rendering that gadget useless. Good for disabling opponents.

Protoform Abilities- Causes appliances like stoves, washing machines to short out.

Fusion Shot

Hacklash: "Hacksmitter" + "Briardrill"- Creates a thorn forest with a strong magnetic field. Disables opponents blasters so they can't escape the thorny vines. 


Scrambler can be used to short out opponent's blasters. Hackpulse, Jamfang and Hackstorm can knock opponents back, allowing the slinger to pin the opponent. DarkHack can disable the Game Master's games, robots, mecha beast controls, computers, tracking devices, GPS etc. 


  • Unlike the Xmitter, the Hacksmitter does not disable the slinger's blaster.
  • Unlike the Xmitter, the Hacksmitter has offensive moves.
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