General Info 

The protoform has pale mint green spikes, small, dirty neon green fangs, a dirty yellow color scheme, a black hood, black eyes with red irises.

The velocity is dark grey with black highlights, and a lighter grey hood. It has four arms and pale mint green spikes.

Name: Geosharp

Preferred Habitat (s): The Crystal Cavern

Power Type: Dark Crystallizer Slug

Element: Earth

Rarity: Rare


  • Protoform Abilities- Can briefly and safely crystallize itself in protoform, making it rock hard and impervious to harm.
  • Crystalethal- Crystallizes the opponent's outer body, heart and brain, killing them instantly.
  • Dominator- Creates a impervious crystal dome around slinger. Shields slinger completely. Broken only by another a Geosharp.
  • Dartallizer- Shoots out crystal darts, piercing through opponent's body. If the Geosharp is skilled, the darts can tranquillize an opponent (if the slinger requests it to)
  • Crystabuilder- Creates anything out of impervious crystal (when the slinger tells it to). Could be a surfboard, mecha beast, etc.

Fusion Shots

  • Magmasharp: "Geosharp" + "Slashsliver (ghouled Slicksilver)"- The Geosharp uses Dartallizer and the Slashsliver uses Metallize to create an onslaught of super sharp, rock-hard, magnetic darts.


The Geosharp is both offensive and defensive. Crystalethal and Dartallizer both kill the opponent, but Crystalethal instantly kills while Dartallizer could tranquillize or be dodged. Dominator is the best form of defense move out of any slug, and only if the opponent has a Geosharp that knows Dartallizer (needs experience) then he could break it. Crystabuilder is more of a outside-of-battle use move, allowing to create any tool, mecha or item that the slinger requests it to. Best thing? If the Geosharp makes a mecha or a blaster, it works. For one week, at least.


  • The velocity's color scheme is completely different from the protoform's.
  • I wanted to name it "Geoshred" or "Geoshrapnel".
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