I've been doing some snooping lately, and I noticed fanfictions popping up here and there. Thought I would do one myself

Wrecking ball (Simere Mako's Hop Rock) was hiding out behind Blaster, a Blastipede, when the call to action screamed: SLUG SLINGING TOURNAMENT!!! Screamed Loudspeaker, a Slyren slug that was taught how to english.

The rest of Mako's slugs: Flare, Missile, Ghost, Raiton, Explosimmer, and Mako's megamorphed Thresher: ChainSaw, Lined up. EMP was still sleeping in a sock, but was whipped into line too.

Simere Mako was the protector of the Northern Caverns, a cavern network that's as cold as the vet's office. There, It's impossible to find aquabeeks, But Frostcrawlers are more common here.

SLUG SLINGING TOURNAMENT! CHOSEN SLUGS FOR FIRST ROUND WILL BE GHOST, RAITON, MISSILE, AND EXPLOSIMMER!! Screamed Loudspeaker, as a screen popped up showing which slugs will be chosen for every round of the tournament. 

ROUND 1: Jacques

Simere got up to the arena just as the match was announced. One on one duels at Herringbone Cavern. The duel commenced and Jacques fired off a Thresher, Mako thought fast and chose Raiton, and firing the Tazerling on his way

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