The Official Slugball Roster

1. The Beast Forge Shock'n'Rollers

2. The Deadweed Miners

3. The Blade City Brutes

4. The Herringbone Fireballs

5. The Lumino Lazers

6. The Low Rock Cavern Rams

7. The Bullseye Cavern 99ers

8. The Logan Slughounds

9. The Quisingly Cavern Commanders

10. The Undertow Cavern Swashbucklers

11. The Quiet Lawn Nukes

12. The Chillbore Ice Devils

13. The Rocklock Ragers

14. The Scorched Sparks Flaringos

15. The Nightmare Ridge Grim Reapers

16. The High Plains Demons

17. The Wind-Farm Cavern Air Warriors

18. The Molemound Royals

19. The Futuria Mechs

20. The South Cavern Shameless

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