Why Goon Doc is evil Goon doc is evil for many different reasons. If you had ever watched Slugterra you only saw Two Docs. Yes only Two they would be Eil Shane’s energy Elemental Boon Doc and the Dark Energy Elemental Slug Goon Doc yes Dark energy Elemental.Why you may ask why is it dark energy. Well Goon doc was a Helpful slug to the shadow clan but he was a Boon doc but all slug Slingers Thought that boon Docs were worthless so the got rid of their Boons Docs. But A Boon Doc went into a portal and was in the world of the dark spane. Then he fell in the so called dark water that’s when He Became Goon doc taking in that dark energy.Goon doc went through that portal again and then got into the hands of doctor Black.Goon showed him What he could do so Black went to the portal to find dark Water witch make the first ever ghoul slugs But goon doc went back to corrupt the soul of will shane witch is how he is evil with Will Shane’s body he can now get revenge on the slingers who dumped him that’s why Goon doc Can’t be healed cause he got his power from the dark spane World. And that’s why Goon doc became evil.

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