ST SG SLUGS NegashadeProto

Normal Negashade

This is a Negashade, right? I think, a lot of you said NO, THAT'S AN INKDEVIL! Why do so many people call this Slug and a few other slugs by the wrong name?

Opening DirtUrchin

This is a Dirt Urchin, you know the Spike-Slug. Wait, a lot of the names of the pictures here (possibly the reason why the picture in this post is on the first page of the immage listing from the tag "Dirt") have got the word "Needlow" why?

ST SG SLUGS SandAnglerProto

All of you know the Dustpuff, right? Wait, Dustpuff? This slug's name is SAND ANGLER!

White Boon Doc Protoform

White Boon Doc

Is this a Sonikin, a Ping or just a White Boon Doc? Ping is a famous White Boon Doc, Sonikin is a user in this Wiki and Sonican is a mispelling i think of the word/name "Sonikin"


ST SG SLUGS GoonDocProto

Is this the Boon Death? No, it's the Goon Doc.


The picture's name is Vinedrone, but it's real name is BRIARDRILL.

Last 3+1 questions: 1. How do you pronounce Xbitter? 2. Which slug means the German Wiki with "Driller, a Vinedrill ....... Will Shane"? 3. Forgot 4. Do you like my new profile and do you like the new or the old one more? 3.5 Wikipedia says there is a "Denigmo" and "DieRen", and I think it says too, that names, like "Burstipede" are real.

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