So once upon a time (like 3 years ago), there wasn't a day where I did not throw myself towards my laptop with incredible speed to check out the latest on the Slugterra Wiki. However its Golden Days have worn away, leaving the wiki open to being unknowingly vandalised, so I am going to self inflict the server back upon myself.

A bit about who I am should help. A long time ago I was known as Flitter2, the affectionate name I later bestowed upon my Hovebug. I blame my ally in life Army for introducing me to this world, and memories of slinging imaginary slugs towards him never seemed to wear away...

Nowadays however,  I have evolved into a more realistic person known as Dex, who still bears the mantle of Flitter2 if one brings it up. My character of Dex is alot wiser, careful and matured than my past self, and can now see elements of life and the show that Flitter could not pick up on. My once unusual explanations can now be justified, and I know some very good retorts from my adventures to places such as Medora.

So whether you are a new member to the community, an old timer looking for an ally or some random visitor, please feel free to reply below with questions about the show, or just how I've been. 

But please for the love of the Gods be nice will ya? I don't wanna bust out the swear words on a kids server...

(FYI: I ain't an admin, go bug Maurice or Black back to life with questions about moderation, which if your asking to be one will be a big fat "いええ!" (no))

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