Like Maurice, I will be doing a fanfiction page to let out my creative juice.

Helping wing

helping wing fusion with Flitter and Double Eye

My Slinger

Sophiana is a pre teen Slugslinger who has the ability to teleport into different worlds. She is originally from the Central Caverns, making her the protector and is currently residing in the 99 Caverns near the Guardian Portal with her slugs, Flitter and Double Eye, Her Pokémon (not many people will know Pokémon) Lucario, Greninja and Lopunny and her friends Trini, Sally and Maulgie the Shadow Clan Guardian. Her job is to secure the guardian gate and heal the Guardian Slugs when they are tired. But that doesn't stop her from exploring the 99 Caverns. Like I said, she can teleport. She is a Master of Slug Fu and Aura. Her rival is Mei who is also trying to be a Master Slugslinger.

Sophiana's Slugs

Sophiana's Slugs can learn moves that no other slugs can learn, Such as Flitter's Updraft and Double Eye's Super Toss. They can also do unknown fusions. Although Sophiana despises ghouls, she does have one ghoul called Deathy who is the Dark Energy Elementalette. She has the 6 descendants of the Fire, Water, Earth, Air Elementals, Doc and The Goon. My slugs love to dress up a lot they dress up for Easter , Christmas, Halloween, 4th of July etc. Although she wields an Infurnus, Sophiana's signature slugs are the Hoverbug and the Enigmo.




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