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  • I live in Magma Cavern
  • My occupation is pyroman-slinger
  • I am male
  • Flary23

    I have created this blog post for create new races of mecha-beasts.

    Give the cavern, the racers (seen in the slugterra episodes or fanmade),the obstacles and bonus and me I will make this in a fan comics. You can talk about this on my message wall. 

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  • Flary23

    Flary 23

    July 12, 2019 by Flary23

    Like some pesons in the wiki,I will create my fanfiction :

    Episode 1: Mucky ,the Hoverbug hunter

    Mucky is a young slinger who accepts works to gets money.

    A monday,  Mucky go to the mall cavern with his Infurnus. He passes in front of mechas and blasters .

    Mucky : See! Blaze! It's the Fire wall K27D. With a generator of fire energy for boost the slugs. Plus a present if we buy this : an accelerator for transform slugs in megamorph. 

    What's the price? -

    Coinbot :10000šŸ”˜-

    Mucky : I don't have the missing money ! -

    An old man propose him a job. 

    Old man : Hi ,kid!  I have proposition for you!-

    Mucky : What?-

    Old man : I have created a mecha-beast. But this mecha beasts works with the Hoverbug energy. 

    Mucky : What's my job ?

    Old man : Come with me I will sā€¦

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