Honeydew Slugs are rare plant elemental slug that lives in the Jungle Caverns and Honeydew Cavern. (P.S Honeydew cavern is not real i still havn't think of doing a Western Caverns yet)   

A ghouled Honeydew slug is called Rottendew 


Honey shot : Creates a ball of honey and shoots it at the enemy  

Honey Blast: Blast a pulse of honey at the enemy's feet which they can't move until hit by another slug

Honey sting: Shoots hard like honey shaped as a bee's sting and hurts the opponent

Honey meteor: Shoots a ball of honey and comes down like meteors on the opponent

Honey bombs : Shoots honey and it explodes after it hits something

Fusion shots :

Tormato+Honeydew = Raining dews and comb - The tornado sucks up the air and makes it rain Honeydews and Honey Comb.

Forgesmelter+Honeydew = Sweet Molten -  The spits out honey that is very hot enough to burn the opponent

Arachnet+Honeydew= Honey net - Makes a net of honey that only an infurnus and a fire elemental can burn down

Jellyish+Honeydew: Slimey Honey- Makes a slippery slime that can be used for slides or tripping your opponents P.S it's very sticky great for holding opponents

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