The characteristics of slug elements.

I noticed that slugs all have similarities in their elements. It is these common points that I will highlight. Warning: Some slugs do not have the features shown below.Opening Joules CP

The slugs of fire

Fire slugs normally live in very hot places (volcanoes etc). They can generate a large amount of heat. They can also fire flames or small sparks.

The water slugs

They are comfortable underwater. They can also be launched without a torpedo hull.

Earth Slugs

These slugs live burrows or crevices most of the time. Their attacks are often related to the earth or rest on their phisic atttitudes (The Arachnets on their agility and the Rams on their strength doubled of fists in stone). Earth slugs very often look like terrestrial animals or have rock, earth or rubble on them in velocymorphic mode.

Psychic slugs

They are normally related to anything that touches the supernatural and controls spirits. These are normally slugs that can impose emotions on you. They are able to make you feel uncomfortable

Ice slugs

They normally have attacks related to ice .... Normally more than it is the element ice. But slugs are normally magical creatures. And strangely the magic of ice slugs looks like the magic of time. It sounds a bit like theory without proof but I have evidence: In Battle for slugterra if you freeze an enemy in the air, it looks like he is trapped in time, he remains frozen and does not fall. A glitch or something, you tell me, but I'm not sure it's a coincidence. In the slugisode Burpy and Chiller in: chill time. When Burpy watches TV, Chiller sneezes on it and it pauses the video.Opening Chiller As if the weather is stopped. In the slugout episode when Chiller cools Billy's Flaringo, The ice cube falls to the ground with the slug still in velocymorph. When a slug loses speed, it becomes protoform again, right? I know this part is too big. I'm doing a little too much. I will do the same with the other elements

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