Chapter 1- The gift of the shadow

It all started in Guadeloupe. A boy named Daniel did not live a peaceful childhood. His parents travel very often and he is therefore guarded by a nanny. He always has to go to school on foot or by bike while his sisters use the family limousine. The passion of Daniel is none the less the drawing. Whenever he has the opportunity he draws. He often has visions. Pictures of landscapes and unknown people as if it came from another world. One day Daniel was sleeping and he heard a noise coming from the kitchen. He then took a stick to arm himself and approach. The person responsible for this noise was a stocky individual wearing a thick sheet.He then saw a shadow clan warrior. Daniel, terrified recoiled gently but was too scared to run. The shadow gave him a slugshell. -Wauh, it looks like the characters of my designs, said Daniel. -The slug that is there will show you the way to slugterra.

-Is that quilles slugterra? asks Daniel.
Crystalyd mega-proto

-You will see it for yourself, answer the shadow before disappearing into a dark cloud.

Chapter 2 - The designs.

The slug that Daniel had received was a Crystalyd. A rare species that could dig tunnels in the hardest materials. In protoform, it has a good sense of direction and can turn on itself at the speed of a spin. This allowed him to make some drawings and diagrams that made Daniel learn about subterranean worlds, including how to get there. Daniel used the different diagrams to prepare for his journey to slugterra. Nothing kept him on the surface: He had no friends, when his parents were there, he was at the law and moreover even his sisters did not know. So he began to study the designs of his slug: He recorded the card on his phone, he made a blaster with some objects found and he made a small jet pack for the landing.After weeks of preparations, he was ready to go to slugterra going into the sewers he found a door. When he opened it, he saw an opening half cracked. - Someone tried to dig in but it was too hard, thought Daniel.Tu think it will do, Driller? The slug accepts. He throws it and it creates a gaping hole. Daniel hesitates a moment before jumping into the hole. He activates his jet-pack and blue flames start propelling him down. Once arrived deeply, he sees a landscape filled with lush vegetation. -Waouh, is that slugterra? Daniel said. A row Hoverbug turn around him and leave. He lands and knocks the ground. His slug returns to take its normal form on his shoulder. -I'll explore the area a bit. Daniel thought. After hours of walking, he decides to stop to draw a little. He takes his pencil, and gets into it. Suddenly, a group of stone turtles progress to stop in front of him. Daniel, furious, tries to push. He is push them out of his place of tranquility. These stone turtles blocked the light towards him. But they were not strong enough to push them. In addition, falling asleep they formed a circle trapping Daniel inside. As long as he does not make them leave, they will not leave. - Well, as my drawings and my drawn bands were visions of this world, there is necessarily an information that can get me out of there! He looks at his designs. Info: Stone turtles are very parrenous creatures. It is not unusual to see these animals sleep in unusual places. Some throwers mistake them for statues. It's almost impossible to wake them up. Even the lava and the stench do not wake them up. Nevertheless, they can be moved using a Hypnogriff slug. The slug will control it from a distance and force them to leave. But it's a rare slug. "I'll have to fend for myself," Daniel said.

Chapter3 -The cave of laziness

Suddenly, Daniel has an idea. He throws his slug Crystalyd and it digs a tunnel under the stone turtle, allowing him to leave without too much trouble. -It was not very clever but I managed to escape. Except that now I am covered with earth. I'll have to find a place to wash my clothes. Suddenly, an explosion catches his attention. It comes from a cave in the distance. After running to get there, he finds a tiranosaur-like mascot fighting against a young slugslinger. The girl was fighting valiantly with slugs. But the mecha-dinosaur responded with no difficulty thanks to the blasters on his shoulders and his bestial roar. The mecha launches a slug-goulh Doomspiker on the exhausted girl. Daniel intervenes and catches the girl before the projectile touches her. The Doompspiker continues its run by hitting nearby buildings. -Watch what you did, gets upset the girl. -Sorry, I thought of doing well, answers Daniel. "I'll take care of this monster, you'll help the inhabitants of this cave," said the girl. This one launches a Vinedrill slug to trap the monster and takes two blasters to make a fusion shot. She launches a Tresher slug and a Tazerling slug. The electric saw literally decapitates the mecha. Meanwhile, Daniel tries to evacuate the inhabitants of the cave (including the slugs therein). The cave is inhabited by people as lazy as stubborn, same thing for slugs. Seeing, a slug that was not like the others, it gave him a click. She is the only one who is not lazy. She looks filled with energy. We must hurry to find a useful: The cavern collapses and everyone may end up under the debris. It launches like a flare, it catches the attention of all the inhabitants of the cave. "They seem to like this light," Daniel said to himself. He launches the slug again towards the exit of the cave. Everyone follows her without exception. Once the cavern evacuated, the girl congratulates Daniel for his act. -I confess that you helped me a lot, said the girl, is that your name? - My name is ... said Daniel before hesitating a little. He must not tell his real name. He looks at a name written on his bracelet. -Da ... zer? He resumes. -Thank you for your help, Dazer. "And what is your name?" Asks Dazer. -Dex, replies the girl.

Chapter 4- Shopping at high risks

After helping the girl and the rest of the inhabitants of the laziness cave, Dazer (under his new name) arrives in a rather scary and dreaded place of all: The mall cavern. The best place to shop. There are tons and tons of things in this cavern. -May be that with my pocket money I can buy something here ?.Caverna Mall Cavern Driller jumps into the food stand and devours some berries. -Do not do that, Driller, if we see, we're screwed. By the way, is slugterra currency used in Guadeloupe? After calculating, he intends to spend his money here. - Already, I need a supply, I do not want to eat mushrooms on my chemi! He takes bottled water, vegetarian dishes and food for slugs. "Will you please Driller?" "Then I need some extra clothes," Dazer thought, "so we'll think I'm a Slugterra man. He goes looking for different outfits. His slug remains seated in front of him to criticize and affirm that his outfit is good or not. He begins with a costume strangely resembling a servant of Dr.Blakk, the slug categorically refuses. He continues with a poncho, a sombrero and pants well filled, the slug think he is too daring. He comes back this time with his outfit but a few more things, a sweatshirt, a bandoleer, a scarf and a bandana. -I know you think it's a bit the same as before but hey, it's a little better, right? The slug accepts and jumps on the shoulder of Dazer, on which he put shoulder only for his slug. Meanwhile, a scary individual walks towards Dazer. This man is thin, stocky, with a gray complexion and black eyes with red spirals on it. He tries to hit Dazer behind his back, but the young man lowers his head to make his laces. When he turns around he sees the creature growling. "A zombie!" He cries in amazement. He throws his Cristalid slug this one spin his spin on the carpet, then winding it on the zombie. Dazer jumps up the stairs and tries to escape. But all issues are blocked by zombies. -And who does not have enough slugs to get out of it, laments Dazer. A strategic fold is needed. It hides in the place least frequented by the zombies of the cave: The office of the supervisor. You can see the different places of this shopping center thanks to the cameras. We can also block the exits to access the offices. -Cool, it's like being in Fnaf, Dazer thought.According to a diary found under the desk, Dazer learns that someone has used a malicious gulh to control the customers of this cave. But the slug was too powerful, it was not strong enough to control them all and it made them crazy with pain. We then installed a system blocking all the zombies inside. But it is not forbidden to enter, as you can come out alive and satisfied with his purchases. Dazer had an idea to get out alive from here. He sneaks quietly into the music corner and steals microphones and cables. He places them at different places. Noise drives zombies away from where they were. At the moment the zombies are gathered in the same place, he blocks them all, giving him a minute to flee through the door. -Finally free, luckily I took what was needed before. And that's when he realizes he has forgotten the supplies in the supervisor's office.

Chapter 5 -

After his mishap with the zombies, Dazer had to walk for hours without drinking or eating, while the zombies were stuffing themselves with pizza and soda. He was walking in the desert cavern, gradually exhausting himself before collapsing on the hot sand. He faints with fatigue. His slug Crystalyd, worrying for him goes fetching water. She digs a hole underground, but she does not even finda drop. Meanwhile, a mysterious individual kidnapped Dazer. When Driller comes out of the ground to see how his friend behaves, he sees him moving off on a mecha with the individual.Meanwhile, Dazer is still fainting. He did not wake up. Suddenly, he opens his eyes. He sees the world as if he were under a dark and thick veil. "But where am I?" He asks himself. "In your mind," replied a voice behind him. It was the voice of a slug. -Ho, that's not good this story, I'm probably a nightmare, I have to wake up. -You can not wake up until you have passed the test. "Besides, you need a test," laments Dazer. -You have to pass three tests to prove to us that you are worthy of getting out of here. -And what happens if I lose? "You're going to start all over again," said the slug. Whenever you are ready to begin a trial, touch the sphere of energy next to you

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