I don't know what it was that Eli said at the end of 'Return of the Eastern Chamption' episode of Season 3, but I looked at the ending scene picture and it said at the bottom that Eli said "Let's go home!"

I'm just bringing this up because no one knows how long the Shane gang have been gone from the 99 caverns.  When Eli put the King of Sling in charge with the Shadow Clan to act as back up in case something had happened while Eli and the Shane gang were in the Eastern Caverns for the entire 3rd season of SlugTerra, we didn't know just what was going to happen with Eli gone, but with King in charge, it was probably going to be bad considering King wasn't very good in duels.  I am serious!  Even WITH the Shadow Clan on his side, there's no definite telling about what was going to occur in Eli's absence.

What if Blakk and the Goon came back while Eli had the Elementals with him in the Eastern Caverns?  What if something happened to Will Shane while he went back to the Deep Caverns with Blakk and the Goon?  What if Will fell into a vat of Dark Water and got ghouled BIG TIME?!  What if the Emperor had found all three and plotted against Eli and the Shane gang by ghouling every slug and every humanoid in the 99 caverns?

If ANY of that stuff had happened while the Shane gang was gone, they are going to need all the help, slugs, and strength they can find!  They might need to go to other sets of caverns and train like CRAZY!!! 

Sometimes, I tend to think that if Will got corrupted and came back, he'd probably try to make things look okay until Eli came back with the Elementals.  Then, after earning the Shane gang's trust, he'd sneak out into the night and ghoul all of the Elementals, including Doc.  I'm saying that might happen because of how Dark Water had seemed to have given Blakk and the Emperor the ability to ghoul slugs with their bare hands.

Either way, unless Will somehow managed to avoid the vat of Dark Water, the 99 caverns are in serious trouble.  Eli and his friends are going to need ALL of their might, wit, courage, slugs, and friends to defeat whoever might have conquered the 99 caverns in their absence.

What's more?  If the 99 caverns have already been conquered, I'm thinking the people of Slug Terra will think Eli and the Shane gang abandoned them.  Even if they left the King and Shadow Clan in charge, that's probably how they are going to see things.

And what if King becomes some kind of tyrant?  I know that's a lot to accuse the King of Sling of becoming a tyrant.  But you know, with all the power that Eli gave him, it is possible.

Not to mention, with the Shane gang gone, crime in the 99 caverns probably spiked dramactically! 

Any way things might have turned out, I believe the Shane gang should be prepared before they go back to the 99 caverns.

What do you guys think?

759063 (talk) 12:55, April 22, 2016 (UTC)759063

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