aka Kaleb Collins

  • My occupation is Artist/Slugslinger
  • I am Male

My Story

I was born and raised in Quisingly Cavern, and the only family I ever had were my parents. Growing up Mom and Dad always told me I could become a slugslinger once I turned 15. Fast forward a few years later, it was a day before my birthday. I couldn’t wait to become a slugslinger like my Dad. I thought about how I always told him I wanted to be just like him, and how every single time he said that I was gonna be better. Suddenly we could here slugs being fired near by. Dad went to find out what was happening, before he left Mom told him to be careful, to avoid trouble if he could. I wanted to go with him, but he insisted that I stayed with Mom. It wasn’t long before we heard more shots fired, I couldn’t stay put any longer. Before Mom could even get a word in I was out the door. I searched for Dad, but he was no where to be found. Until I heard another shot go off, and saw Dad being launched into a wall. I rushed to help him, but he was trapped between a wall and a blaster pointed right as his face. It pained me to see my dad like this, but it pained me even more to see who was holding the blaster. It was Munch, a gluttonous tub of lard that had been terrorizing our cavern for weeks, gorging himself on our food. I had to do something, or Dad was a goner. So, I hastily looked around for something to throw at the massive cyclops, until my eyes met Dad’s blaster, 3 inches away from my foot. I reached down to pick it up, but then I felt the cold metal tip of a blaster graze my head. Munch then barked “ Don’t move a muscle, or Munch’ll blast your brains all over the pavement!” Was this how it would end? Would Dad watch helplessly as his son gets his blown away? No, not today. I remembered a little move Dad taught me for situations like this. So I grabbed the blaster, knocked away Munch’s leverage and aimed right at his ugly one-eyed face. Oh how quickly the tables turned as Munch began pleading for mercy. I figured he deserved a good slug to the face, so I pulled the trigger and Dad’s Dirt Urchin flew straight into Munch’s mouth. He spat him out and screamed, as he practically just swallowed a cactus. Spines were sticking to his tongue as he fled in terror. I shouted “Never return to this cavern!” Still couldn’t believe it actually worked. Before I could think about it I rushed to help Dad up, he could barely walk but he would be okay. He laughed to himself, “Looks like Munch won’t be gorging himself anytime soon.” The next day came, and Dad finally passed down his blaster to me, as his father did before him. I was so honored and proud. I hugged my parents for a long while as we all said our goodbyes and shed a few tears. But before I opened the door, Dad said “Wait! I want you to have...him.” He held his Dirt Urchin in front of me, “Your first slug, take great care of him.” I was speechless and overjoyed. “I...don’t know what to say...thank you so much Dad!” The slug smiled at me, with a glimmer in his eyes.“I promise, I’ll make you both proud.” Dad just smiled and said “You already have.” Mom then added “ Your the best son we could ever ask for, and we know you’ll be a great slugslinger. Happy birthday Kaleb.” I hugged them both one last time before mounting my new mecha beast. I was about to set off on my own journey through Slugterra. “So, I think you need a name little buddy, how’s that sound?” The slug replied with a happy chirp. “I think I’ll call you...Thorn.”

My Slugs/Arsenal

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