aka The pyroman

  • I live in Magma Cavern
  • My occupation is pyroman-slinger
  • I am male

I am a great fan of slugterra. I like draw slingers and slugs and i want to meet other fans of slugterra

My favorite pages

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My story

I was falled in the light well. I've been charged with a lot of energy slug. But this energy give me lot of powers . 

After an old man propose me a job . This job consists to save a cavern because of Malvovio Drake. I won an Infurnus in the battle

Facts about me

My activities :




I don't know why I can't publish pictures in this wiki. If you want to see my draws go to the wiki slugterra fanart. There is a page named slingers' gallery. You can see my draws about slugterra


  • Slugslinging- I am a great slug slinger
  • Slug's spirit reading - Because of the slug energy inside me I can read the slug's spirits
  • Energy charge - I can charge my slugs with energy
  • Lighting bolt energy - This capacity drain my energy quite a bite ,I can shoot energy lighting bolt but I do that rarely 
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