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Water Elemental

This is a list of names I would give my Slugs, if I had every known race.

Slugs Names Slugs Names Slugs Names Slugs Names
AquaBeek Seaweed Arachnet Spyro Armashelt Bomber Blastipede Blast
Boon Doc ER Bubbaleone Bubble Crystalyd Crypt Diggrix D-Rex
Dirt Urchin Spyro Enigmo Eggy Fandango Fango Flaringo Pyro
Flatulorhinkus Gassy Forgesmelter Melt Frightgeist Boo Frostcrawler Frosty
Gazzer Gus Geoshard Geo Grenuke T. Bomb Hexlet Hex
Hop Rock Hopper Hoverbug Butters Hypnogrif Hippo Infurnus Furance
Jellyish Jello Lariat Larry Lavalynx Vaynx Makobreaker Mako
Negashade Shado Neotox Noxs Phosphoro Sparrow Polero Polo
Rammstone Rammer Sand Angler Sandler Slicksilver Slick Slyren Syren
Speedstinger Sting Tazerling Amps Thresher Bone Saw Thugglet Thuggy
Tormato Twister Vinedrill Viny Xmitter Xter Flopper Loopy
White Boon Doc Moon Fire Elemental Comet Earth Elemental Bull Water Elemental Tidal
Air Elemental Stormo

Fire Elemental

  • Shadowray
  • Novabolt
  • Aquaboost
  • Healotoxis
  • Frostbomb
  • Toxic Tusk
  • Glitchsnare
  • Hydroflare
  • Ampertox
  • Blorfblast