Upright Cavern is one of the The 99 Caverns and it first appeared in "Slugterra: Return of the Elementals".


Upright Cavern is a cavern that goes up right, (hence the name), but it's hard to get to, very few are able to climb up to it its why you fly up it, except for Dr. Blakk and his new found abilities.

The cavern is the home or at least it was the home of the Fire Elemental.



  • Since The Goon & the Darkbane needed their Eels to get around in this cavern, while Eli & Junjie needed to ride Burpy & Joo-Joo to get around, hinting the ability to fly is needed to get around.
  • Going through one of the tunnels will lead to The Jungle Cavern.
  • Dr. Blakk is the only known individual that can climb Upright Cavern.
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