May the Emperor will forever, Lady Dai-Fu
―The Underlord enchant[src]

Underlords are/were an army of mainly Humanoids, who work for the sinister Emperor.


Underlords were people who were enlisted into the Emperor's new army of followers, after Junjie failed to defeat him. Since then, for 20 long years, the Underlords would be assigned to various caverns and instructed to collect all the slugs they could find and enforce the Emperor's laws. However, after Junjie and the Shane Gang defeated the Emperor, most of the Underlords would disband, turn on each other and become thieves, bringing even more disorder throughout the caverns, while the rest of them would start reporting to Lady Dai-Fu, who took it upon herself to finish what the Emperor started. But eventually when the Emperor returned, he would call upon all former Underlords to rejoin him, however after the true intentions of the Emperor were revealed a few of them would join the Shane Gang instead and help defeat him.

Notable Members

  • Dark Servants
  • Marauders - they were the first of the Emperor's armies to face off against the Shane Gang
  • Underlord Holt - a loyal underlord who was just recently employed, now also works on recruiting back the former underlords
  • Jonny Man - a veteran underlord who rules over several caverns with his brutal tactics
  • Swick (formerly) - he was a loyal but obnoxious Underlord with not which slinging skills to offer. After the Emperor's defeat, he is now working undercover to help the Shane Gang.
  • Sleade (formerly) - a strange and non-hygienic Underlord, who has been trying to make powerful allies, and later defects.
  • Yarry (formerly) - an Underlord who helped the Emperor to clear the lands of the Shadow Clan, but later defects after the Emperor's defeat.








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