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Well that was...creepy.
Eli Shane when he first meets Sleade[src]

"Underlord" Sleade is a creepy and mysterious character who previously worked as one of the Emperor's Underlords but later defects.


Sleade made his first appearance in Slugterra: Eastern Caverns where he was was at the Tournament of the Underlords competing but lost.

He later makes a reappearance in Stuff of Legend where he assists the The Pyritor with his plan.

In The Emperor Strikes Back, The Emperor puts a bounty on Junjie's head, along with the Underlords team up to capture Junjie and the Shane Gang.

Sleade appears in the episode The Return of the Eastern Champion, when attacking the Shane Gang and later defects after learning that he was transferring his light energy to fuel the Emperor's grand plan and allies himself with the Shane Gang and helps them battle The Emperor.



  • Sleade originally lived in Pyrite Cavern before the Pyritor's defeat. His house was in a shipwreck and the only thing that was clean was the button to open the door (which was glistening white).
  • He looks similar to Blite, apart the blond hair and the lack of hygiene.


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