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I'm a survivor, Eli. All my life, I've known the game was rigged. So I like to make sure I'm on the winning team. And from where I'm standing, that's Blakk. Plain as day.
―Twist to Eli[src]

Twist is a Slugslinger who debuted in The New Kid Part 1 and 2. He was once a friend of the Shane Gang, but he used illusions to gain their trust while actually doing Dr. Blakk's dirty work. He is also the major antagonist of the first season.


Twist is a skilled street-smart slinger who likes to use illusions to gain the upper hand in duels. Along with his Thugglet slug Loki, Twist volunteers to help the Shane Gang when they need it most on a mission gone wrong.


When he was younger, Twist had a more innocent nature and loved his father a lot. After Will Shane was unable to save his father, who fell over a cliff when Will Shane shot at him for stealing a bunch of his slugs, he took his blame out on all the Shanes, including Eli, swearing to make him suffer like him. He is supposedly attached to his Thugglet/Smugglet Slug, Loki. As said by the Unbeatable Master, the fact that he can change aspect with his slug was remarkable, and it signified a very strong bond.


Twist is an athletic teenage male with the same body type as Eli. He has blond hair and is muscular. His favourite slug is Loki, a Smugglet (disguised as a Thugglet), who is always on his shoulder.


When Twist was just a child, he carries a deep hatred towards the Shanes due to his father falling to his doom when Will Shane caught him stealing a large amount of slugs, causing him panic and run.

Twist is currently working as Dr. Blakk's apprentice. Dr. Blakk employed Twist to gain the trust of the Shane Gang in order for El Diablos Nacho to defeat Will's son, Eli.

He has a ghoul slug named "Loki", with powers that mimic the powers of other slugs or people.

He firstly and mainly appeared in The New Kid Part 1 and 2, starting when the Shane Gang was being pursued by Blakk's men, helping them escape and beat their pursuers. He showed himself a lot like Eli, naming his favourite "slug" , taking down enemies and then commenting about it, and seeming to want to beat all evil. His "slug" Loki's tricks and bond with him impressed the whole gang, and is very similar to Burpy and Eli too.

Though most of the gang was wary of him, Eli trusted him, probably due to their similarity. Since the Shane Gang had lost the message they were intercepting, they seemed to have lost all chance of unghouling Blakk's ghouls, until Twist and his "source" (actually Blakk), helped them out.

Though he has actually planned otherwise, they escaped with the ghouls and unghouled them. Enjoying the success, he gained everyone in the Shane Gang's trust except Kord, who found something about their victory suspicious, though he couldn't figure what. Now mostly accepted and judged as a proper member of the Shane Gang, he made them a plan to steal all of Blakk's dark water. Meanwhile, it was still being explained by him and Loki, Maurice contacted him through his earpiece on behalf of Blakk, to his great discontent.

Though he lured them into a trap, he hesitated on pulling the emergency brakes or not, and if he had, Blakk's men and Nacho's men together may have beaten them. Him and Eli then went to seek refuge and explore Will Shane's old hideout, when Kord suddenly realized what he had found suspicious: in their plan to unghoul Blakk's ghouls, Loki had lured the guards at the door of where the ghouls were kept away by turning into a ghoul. But they had been watching this on direct video before setting off; and, on that video, Loki was seen as a ghoul, though normally slugs like him only seem what they turn into to a human eye, not on video. When Trixie told this to Eli through his earpiece, Twist his blaster at him, fought with Eli, and explained why he hated all Shanes. He "teleported" using Loki's powers. After Dr. Blakk sent Nacho away using a Tempesto, Blakk offered Twist a place as his apprentice.

In The Unbeatable Master, he disguised himself with Loki's powers to not let the Shane Gang who he was. Beating Trixie, he only took his true form when he was to fight Eli. Shanai, alerted by the Shane Gang that he was evil, left him a chance, thinking that she could make him see reason and return to the good side. Though he seemed determined to win, he was interrupted by Blakk breaking through the closed wooden door. After having fought with Eli, he then disguised himself as Blakk, and Shanai attacked him, only for the real Blakk to ambush her. When he walked away, he seemed regretful for not having been able to be mentored by the Unbeatable Master, and was supported by two of Blakk's men, seeming very badly injured.

In the episode "Dark as Night", he and Loki were seen pretending to be Red Hook, knowing that after the Shane Gang saw El Diablos Nacho and Blakk's Goons using Megamorphs, they would go to him asking for Blaster modifications.

Strangely Twist did not appear during the attack on Blakk's citadel, defending it, during "Light as Day". What happened to him after the attack is also unknown, though it is highly likely he has gone into hiding after Blakk was defeated.



  • Twist got his name because people can never get a hold of him (including Cave Trolls like Kord). As of now, his real name is currently unknown.
  • He wants revenge against Eli due to him believing that Eli's Father is the reason of his own father's death.
  • Despite working for Blakk and betraying the Shane Gang, he did feel bad about Shanai being killed by Blakk, hinting that he isn't completely evil.
  • Twist is the first one to betray the Shane Gang.
  • One of his quote, " Follow me if you want to live." might be a reference of the line "Come with me if you want to live." in Terminator 2.



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