A turret in Slugterra: Slug It Out!

A Turret is a cannon that's used to fire Slugs or Ghoul Slugs.


First seen in Club Slug, Sergeant Slug uses it and a target tube to demonstrate how his machine can "charge up the slugs". Apparently, a large Slug Shell is used to store multiple slugs to be fired one by one by the turret. Sergeant Slug later uses the turret to attack Eli Shane, who exposes the machine as part of his scam. It is eventually destroyed by Banger, Eli's Armashelt.

The Shane Hideout also has turrets that are automatic. They are summoned to protect the hideout until they are damaged by the people in The Expedition led by Gar Revelle in A Distant Shore.

The Cavern Museum also have turrets that shoot slugs such as Frostcrawler and Jellyish slugs if any intruder passes the security lasers. However, Dana Por manages to dodge the lasers and purposely crosses a laser to activate the turrets, causing them to target the Shane Gang in The Gentleman and the Thief.

The Titan Tanks are all equipped with four turrets to shoot Ghoul Slugs.



  • Turrets can be powered by either Slug Energy or Dark Energy.
  • Turrets come in different sizes: small, medium and large.


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