Tormatos are common orange and yellow air element Slugs that are capable of producing powerful winds and tornadoes. Strangely, its protoform has small horns instead of the usual antenna. It turns into a dragon-like creature after hitting 100 mph.

Its Megamorph velocity form looks more like a mix of a barracuda and a koi fish than a dragon (its regular velocity form).

A famous Tormato is Bluster, who belongs to Beatrice Sting.

A ghouled Tormato is called a Tempesto.


  • Protoform Abilities - Blows a small jet of air, like a hairdryer.
  • Galestorm - Stops in mid-air and blows gale force winds, making it hard to stand, see or fight.
  • Airhammer - A ball of super dense air surrounds the flying Slug, hitting like a hammer blow.
  • Slyphoon - Spins in the air, producing a rampaging tornado.
  • Windshield - Tornado spins around a slugslinger, protecting them from shots.


The Tormato slug is unlike many slugs in that none of its attacks require it to actually touch an opponent. This makes it a safe slug to use if you are worried about another slinger stealing your slugs, or if you simply don't want them getting too close.

The Tormato is a hybrid of offensive and defensive capabilities, and could be used outside of combat in a few situations.

For offense, the Tormato has Airhammer and Galestorm, both of which are learned without too much experience assuming the above list is chronological. Galestorm in particular is useful because it can knock back other slugs, although this use would require the Tormato and its slinger to have very fast reaction time.

With Slyphoon, a Tormato can do lots of damage, although this is more uncontrolled. Windshield is a solid defensive move that can be used to buy some time or deflect a particularily nasty slug attack.

The Tormato's weakness is that all of its attacks are based on wind; block the wind and you block the attack. Sending one slug after another, with the first one being very solid such as an Armashelt, and the second more offensive like a Flaringo or Tazerling, would allow one slug to break the wind for the other so it can get through.

Fusion Shots


  • BoulderStorm: "Tormato"+"Rammstone" - Rammstone launches Tormato at multiple opponents as the Tormato creates a rampaging cyclone filled with boulders.


  • Its concept art page spells its name as 'Tornato'.
  • In Mission: Improbable, Pronto used one to erase Mr. Saturday's Cryptogrif spell.
  • The Tormato bares a strong resemblance to an early concept of the Flaringo. Only real difference is that it had regular arms instead of wings.
  • It's name was called Bluster in Pack Your Slugs although it is a Tormato.


Opening Burpy Slugs Tormato ghoul

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