Titan (Tank)

Multiple Titan Tanks

Titan Tanks (more commonly known as "Titan(s)") were monstrous war machines manufactured by Quentin and Blakk Industries. These imposing vehicles were encased in impenetrable armor and came equipped with gatling blasters.


Titans are large tanks, which are almost able to reach speeds of 100mph. They feature deployable cannons, and can cause mass destruction. First seen in Upgrade, they are used by Quentin to free Blakk who was currently being transferred to Stalagmite 17. The tanks can also travel underwater. A stationary battle station mode has been seen, having the wheels shielded, all cannons deployed, and in the case of 1 tank, a Gattler on a mount.



  • As a running gag, whoever is driving a tank tends to be hurt by the sensitive airbag.


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