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My name is Eli Shane. Yesterday, I took a trip down to SlugTerra. That turned out to be the easy part. Down here, you need to sling slugs to survive. Some new friends got me into a tournament where I can get the slugs I need. Now, all I need to do is win.
Eli Shane, the new Shane

The World Beneath Our Feet Part 2 is the second episode of Slugterra. It first aired on October 16, 2012.


Eli Shane has just arrived in Slugterra and the slugslinging tournament he enters to prove himself quickly reveals that he needs some practice! Now, word of this new Shane has reached the ears of the nefarious Dr. Blakk...


The episode opens on Eli and Pronto climbing a rock wall, a pit of fiery lava below them. Eli nearly falls,catching himself at the last minute on the handle of Pronto's blaster, Eli then exclaims that he almost and he has already fallen three times before hand. They eventually reach the top where round one of the tournament will take place. Trixie and Kord are already there, having taken a much easier route: the road that Pronto failed to tell Eli about.

The first round kicks off with the announcement of the challenge type as one-on-one duels. In the first of the elimination rounds, Eli faces a slinger named Jacques. After a bit of a misstart, Eli manages to win the round, bypassing Jaques' favourite slug and claiming an Armashelt as his prize, naming the new slug Banger.

Trixie goes up against the King of Sling, who at first outguns Trixie but loses his advantage due to his flamboyant style and overconfidence. Once she gets an opening, Trixie easily defeats the King, wiping him with three shots in a row to score a win. Kord also wins his duel, although this occurs off screen.

Meanwhile, at Blakk Industries, Maurice is seen speaking with Dr. Blakk about Eli. Dr. Blakk doesn't care but still wants to keep an eye on him.

The Shane Gang depart for the cavern that's holding the next round and, along the way, Eli asks Kord and Trixie about their pasts. Kord found Slugslinging more fun than engineering—the family business—and Trixie was tired of people not standing up to bad guys who cause trouble. Pronto leads the group through a shortcut, unbothered by the Shadow Clan markings the group passes, confident that it Clan no longer used that particular path. Unfortunately for the Shane Gang, Pronto's confidence is misplaced and the group soon comes face-to-face with the Clan. Eli acts as a diversion and lets his friends escape, getting the Shadow Clan to chase him.  Eli uses Burpy to create a firewall in the Clan's path, allowing Eli to make his own escape.

The next round are 3-on-3 duels. Trixie, Eli, and Kord go up against the Power Triplets, Early in the fight, the three friends are losing badly to the Triplets, who have much more experience working as a team. Nearly pinned down and out of Slugs, Eli manages to rally his friends and pull a plan together, displaying an incredible bond with Banger, despite having him for such a short time. Using a Phosphoro, an Arachnet, and Banger, the Shane Gang manages to trap the Triplets in a ring of fallen stagtites, winning the duel.

This victory finally catches Dr. Blakk's attention enough for him to make a move, beginning the journey to the tournament to confront Eli. Eli goes on to win many of the rounds, builds his arsenal, and becomes the favorite of the crowd. However, Kord is eliminated from the tournament by John Bull. Eli is then confronted by Dr. Blakk. Blakk presents the Shane Gang with a monstrosity of a slug, saying that he "fixed" it. Eli, however, says that Blakk can destroy all of SlugTerra with the twisted creature which Dr. Blakk response by saying he's seemed to of herd those words some where before and names the monster a "Ghoul". The gang leaves after a heated confrontation and thus began the relationship between protagonist and antagonist. Before he leaves, Blakk warns Eli to stay out of his way.

Before the finals, Blakk visits John Bull, pressing him to take the Ghoul that Eli turned down and use it to win the final match of the competition.  Although John initially resists, he eventually takes the slug from Blakk,  At the tournament, Eli easily holds his own against John Bull and, frustrated, the more experienced slinger uses the Ghoul. Eli slings Burpy to try and intercept the ghoul, but Burpy hesitates in his attack and is defeated. The resulting storm of the collision between ghoul and Infurnus knocks Eli down, winning Bull the duel.

Bull rejects all of Eli's Slugs as a prize, claiming that all he needs is his ghoul, which prompts his own Slugs to leave him.

Eli is then seen reading his father's letter. He shares his sadness with Burpy before being joined by Pronto, Kord, and Trixie. They all promise to stick together, to protect Slugterra, and thwart Dr. Blakk's plans. They officially name themselves as the new Shane Gang and Eli ask his friends where they should start protecting Slugterra. Suddenly, they here a man shouting for help and an explosion is heard in the distance, and Eli response by saying " guess that answers that question". The Shane Gang rides off on their Mecha-Beasts, as it is time to save the day.


Slug Debuts



Created By:
Asaph Fipke

Series Director:
Johnny Darrell

Clint Butler

Elie Klimos
Jean Lacombe

Written By:
Rob Hoegee
Scott Sonneborn

Story Editor:
Rob Hoegee



  • In the beginning of the episode, Eli has the Defender Slipstream XVL blaster.
  • In some scenes Trixie, Pronto, Kord and their Mecha Beasts had the Shane Gang symbol.
  • in a scene, john bull has a ghoul tube in his bandooler before getting a tempesto from black



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