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The World Beneath Our Feet Part 1 is the first episode of Slugterra. It first aired on September 3, 2012 on Disney XD Canada.


15-year-old Eli Shane is just a regular kid from the suburbs, except for one thing: he comes from a long line of Shanes, each of whom has made the journey from the surface to protect Slugterra and the slugs that make the underground world so special. Now its Eli's turn to be Slugterra's next Shane -- whether he's ready or not! Unfortunately, the slugslinging tournament he enters to prove that he's ready, quickly shows that he's not! So when word of this new Shane reaches the ears of the nefarious Dr. Blakk, he's not too worried... yet.


The episode opens into a middle of a duel between Will Shane and Dr. Blakk. Shane appears to have the upper hand until Blakk unveils his secret weapon, a Ghoul. However, the slug proves to be unstable and backfires, creating a massive black hole. Despite Will Shane's pleas for Blakk to stop the ghoul, he escapes and Will is sucked into the menacing vortex. A few moments before this happens, he shoots his favored Slug, Burpy, and tells him to find his son and lead him to a letter. Burpy reaches the surface and finds a 10 year-old, Eli Shane. Burpy then guides Eli towards a secret compartment in the floorboards of his bedroom where the letter is hidden. The letter advises him to wait until the age of fifteen to venture down to SlugTerra.

5 years later the scene cuts to a 15 year-old, Eli who is getting ready to travel to SlugTerra. Traveling through a sewer system, Eli and Burpy follow directions from Will Shane's letter to find the Drop that will take them to the underground world. Together, Eli and Burpy travel into the Earth's core, landing in SlugTerra. Continuing to follow the instructions his father left for him, Eli heads to a hideout that lies a few yards from the drop point. Eli changes out of his surface clothes and into new slugterran clothes and finds the equipment he needs for his adventures. Next, he finds two Mecha-Beasts, one of them, being his, an LK-E model, Wolf Mecha, which he promptly names "Lucky" and a dingy Donkey Mecha.

Suddenly, Eli and Burpy hear rustling in a closet. They open it to reveal Pronto, a Molenoid tracker. Pronto is in awe of the new Shane and discovers that they need to build an arsenal of Slugs. After Eli shoots Burpy out of his new blaster, the first slug he's ever fired, they set off for a tournament where Pronto hopes Eli can gain some "experienced slugs". Along the way, they come across a bystander being bullied. Eli intervenes but gets beat down by the brute, despite telling the bandit that he is a Shane. He is saved by a mysterious girl who happens to be passing through the area, though she rides off on her mecha before Eli can get her name.

Eli, Pronto, and Burpy proceed to the cavern where the tournament is being held. After observing the competition, Eli signs up and, once again, gets laughed at, with no one believing that he's a Shane. Once he tells Pronto that he's never been in a duel before, Pronto hurries off to find a sparring partner for Eli to practice with. While he's gone, Eli bumps into the girl from before who defeated the bandit. She introduces herself as Trixie, holding the conversation while she's recording the competition on film to try and find out the weaknesses of the other competitors. Pronto returns with a Cave Troll named Kord Zane. After displaying his admiration for the troll, they practice slinging Slugs.  Kord teaches Eli the basics of dodging and tactics, and also allows Eli to add some of the Floppers  they were using as practice Slugs to his arsnal.

After their practice match, the qualifier rounds were announced and Eli is pared up with a slinger named Shockwire who only uses Tazerlings. Trixie hints that if the Tazerling is overworked, it can potentially misfire. Despite Eli only having Floppers and Burpy, he manages to be pull off a victory by dodging his opponents shots until one of the Tazerlings misfires, giving him an opening to use Burpy to cinch a win. As a prize, Eli is allowed take one of Shockwire's Slugs. He asks if any of the Tazerlings want to come with him and one of them hopes out of its container and into Eli's hand. Eli claims this Tazerling as his prize and gives it the name Joules.

At Blakk Industries, Maurice, a loyal henchman of Dr. Blakk's, tells him of a kid who calls himself a Shane. Blakk assures him that there are many "ways" to deal with the Shane. The camera zooms out to show canisters containing hundreds of ferocious Ghouls.


Slug Debuts

Featured Caverns and Places


Created By:
Asaph Fipke

Series Director:
Johnny Darrell

Blair Simmons

Dennis Crawford
Jae Harm

Written By:
Rob Hoegee
Scott Sonneborn

Story Editor:
Rob Hoegee


  • When Shockwire looks at Eli's slug collection, he says Eli has Floppers and a Flaringo when Eli really had Floppers and an Infurnus. This was actually a purposeful mistake, as Burpy, an Ultra Rare Infurnus, is commonly mistaken with the much more common Flaringo.
  • Billy, Locke and Lode can be seen training for the tournament.
  • When Dr. Blakk is facing Will Shane, a Flopper is seen in his arsenal.
  • Dr. Blakk's Rammstone has smaller horns than is usual for that type of slug.
  • Maurice says that he has a guy that's keeping watch on the tournament. One of Blakk's goons can be seen at the back of the crowd, cheering.
  • Featured Slug; Infurnus.


  • When Will Shane challenges Dr.Black, the flame marking on Burpy's stomach is very large and misshapen.
  • In some scenes Trixie and Pronto had the Shane Gang symbol.
  • When Kord hugs Eli, Eli has the Defender Slipstream XVL blaster.
  • When Joules electrocutes Burpy, there's a frame where Burpy doesn't have a mouth.



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