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The Unbeatable Master is the twenty-first episode of Slugterra. It aired in Canada on February 21st, 2013.


A mysterious slugslinging master appears for the first time in 20 years. Though old, this slinger is an amazing battler—incredibly fast and the master of an unstoppable slinging technique. Eli, Kord, Trixie and Pronto all want to study with the master and learn this awesome move. But so does Dr. Blakk's apprentice and right hand man Twist! Now Eli must face off against Twist and prevent the master from choosing a villain for a student.


Shanai, The Unbeatable Master of slugslinging has a fight in a local bar and demands Eli come to her. The Shane gang arrive and after introducing herself Trixie mentions that she is the unbeatable master. She then leaves the bar after telling Eli to meet her the next day to find out if he is worth training. The very same night, the gang talk about her and how she trains Shanes.

Eli is very eager to be trained and leaves early in the morning. He is surprised to see a lot of slingers who wanted to be trained (Including Trixie, Kord and Pronto). She holds a competition called the winnowing the in which the majority of slingers are disqualified. When some slingers refuse to leave, she performs a legendary fusion shot using her slugs, Yang, her Negashade and Ping, a White Boon Doc and throws them out. The remaining Slingers must duel in a one-on-one tournament and whoever wins gets trained by the master. Eli and another slinger make it to the finals before the mystery slinger reveals himself as Twist in a disguise. Some time before the finals, Eli tells her that Twist shouldn't be trained by her.

She tells Eli that Will Shane and Blakk came to her 30 years prior and chose to train WiIl leading Blakk down his ghouling path. Shanai confides in Eli that she thinks maybe Blakk needed her guidance more because Will would have been a great Shane no matter what. Eli is concerned that she will choose to train Twist because of this guilt and vows to beat Twist. Just before Eli and Twist are about to duel, Blakk arrives with some soldiers, a bull mecha and a new gattling blaster. Shanai duels Blakk, Eli duels Twist, and the gang duels the soldiers. When Twist is defeated, he flees but disguises himself as Blakk to keep Shanai busy. When Shanai defeats him using the fusion shot and the disguise wears off, the real Blakk fires a Goon Doc (Ghouled Boon Doc) at her from behind.

The shot is fatal and when she used her Slugs to send herself to the unknown place where she passed away, but her two slugs live. Eli uses her blaster and defeats Blakk by performing a fusion shot with Burpy and Joules. Blakk leaves, and the gang hold a small funeral.




Created By:
Asaph Fipke

Series Director:
Johnny Darrell

Barry Karnowski

Elie Klimos
Jean Lacombe

Written By:
Paul Giacoppo

Story Editor:
Rob Hoegee

Produced by: Nerd Crops Entertainment Inc.
In Association with Disney XD Canada and Family



Cultural References

  • Pronto suggests Kord to use sarsaparilla to relieve his mecha sores. Sarsaparilla is a herb used by native populations in Central and South America for thousands for years (since Pronto represents the Latino). It is known for its treatment of liver problems, skin infections, fatigue, muscle pains or weakness, coughs or colds, joint pains, indigestion, sexual dysfunction, and even growth of cancerous tumors. It can be applied on the body (in which Pronto does) and it is edible (in which Kord drinks it, not knowing it is a herbal remedy).


  • In one scene, the Wandering Duelist (Twist) looks like Max Jackson.
  • In one scene, Stunts is orange and doesn't have his goggles.
  • Twist's Hop Jack transforms into Hop Rock.
  • Eli shot Banger twice. At the first time, Eli tried to knock Twist out but failed. However, Eli somehow successfully used Banger to knock him out.



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