The Trade is the third episode of Slugterra. It first aired on October 17, 2012 on Disney XD.


The gang has to trade one of Eli's prized his slugs for some new gear, but when Eli has second thoughts and goes back to get his slug, they learn its been sold to Dr. Blakk!


After a duel with C.C. and a discovery that their hideout has been trashed, The gang decides to go out and buy boosters for their gear. However, when the gang goes to buy boosters, Eli finds out that the shop owner only takes Slugs he is forced to give Joules. Soon Eli regrets his choice and demands for Joules back. Afterwards the gang finds out that the shop keeper is supplying Dr. Blakk with Slugs. After a duel with Blakk's enforcer El Diablos Nacho, who arrived to collect the Slugs, Blakk's men get away with Joules and the other Slugs. Eli, not wanting Joules to be ghouled decides to go to Blakk's fortress to free the Slugs. As Pronto, Kord, and Trixie tunnel underground to free the Slugs, Eli distracts Blakk by demanding Joules. After the duel the gang escapes with Joules and had freed the other Slugs.




Created By:
Asaph Fipke

Series Director:
Hardik Siloiya

Arjun Srees

Francisco Avalos
Jae Harm

Written By:
Rob Hoegee
Scott Sonneborn

Story Editor:
Rob Hoegee



  • C.C.'s Grimmstone doesn't have upper teeth.
  • C.C.'s Bubbalash doesn't have teeth.
  • Eli uses Chiller but he joins Eli's arsenal in "The Slugout".
  • While Eli and the gang are hiding in the store room, an Enigmo is seen in one of the cages. Though due to the fact that all of the trapped Slugs escaped, there is a chance that this was not actually an error, but a sneak-peek at the Enigmo slipped in for observant watchers.
  • In the same scene, a Crystalyd can be seen in one of the cages.
  • When Dr. Blakk shoots his Thrasher the velocity is blue instead of red.
  • In one scene, a Flaringo can be seen in Eli's bandoleer.
  • In the fight between Blakk Industries and the Shane Gang, Eli is using his white blaster and has the Defender Slipstream XVL blaster in his leg.
  • During the fight between Blakk Industries and the Shane Gang, a Hop Jack, Amperling and Tempesto are shot to velocity.  In the next scene, protoforms are seen for a Hop Jack, Amperling and Grimmstone.
  • In the end of the episode Doc was seen on the table, however, Eli catches Doc in the next episode. Although, this episode could've been produced after the next episode even though it aired before it.
  • In Dr Blakk's blaster, there was a Tempesto but in the next scene there was a Greneater instead.
  • Dr Blakk's Tempesto had a red colour scheme when it was fired at Eli in their little duel but it turned black after he returned to protoform.
  • Doc is seen with Eli's slugs in the ending but he only joins the Shane Gang in "The Slugout".


Notable as more than just a blooper, Chiller features heavily in this episode even though Eli doesn't catch him until "The Slugout". Chiller is not just seen in protoform, but Eli uses him in battle against Diablos Nacho, meaning that Chiller's presence was written into the script and not an error introduced during storyboarding or animating.  Most likely, "The Trade" was initially scheduled to air later in the season, set some time after "The Slugout", but the order of the episodes was changed after the animation was already completed; due to time and/or budget constraints, the scenes with Chiller were left in, despite the timeline problems.



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