The Thrill of the Game is the thirty-second episode of Slugterra.


Our heroes are lured into an elaborate game by a twisted villain calling himself the Game Master. The Shane Gang must use every bit of skill they have to pass each level, but there is a devious twist: every slug they fire is captured, with the promise that they'll see them again only if they manage to make it to the end. That's becoming all the more difficult with fewer and fewer slugs...


The Game Master captured the Shane gang using a fake distress call, and lures them into a game with holograms, explosives and other dangerous objects meant to obliterate them, with every slug used captured and locked away for the Game Master to use their slug energy and to power the game. Finally, the Shane Gang overcame all the obstacles and faces off with the Game Master, when Eli smashes the slug prison with an InfernoSlam (Infurnus+Rammstone) fusion shot, setting the captured Slugs free. The Game Master presses a button which destroys the cavern, but not before the Shane Gang escapes with all the Slugs.




  • Featured slug: Hoverbug
  • Bludgeon is proved not to be the only Rammstone in the Shane Gang, every member has one; Eli has two Rammstones.
  • The closest of a Featured slug is Rammstone (Bludgeon).
  • The Game Master states that he only chooses the best Slugslingers for his game, and he also does research on them. This means he has done research on the Shane Gang, and he chooses Eli, Kord and Trixie, as the fake distress video has mentioned their names. Pronto is neither mentioned nor researched could be that he is the weakest slugslinger in the gang, in which The Game Master does not bother about him.


  • Howard and Sylvia, the married couple that appeared in "Dawn of the Slug", reappear and when Eli remembers them, he references the events of the episode by saying "Hey, you're that couple from the Zombie Mall".
  • Trixie suggests Eli to use an Xmitter slug that they received in "The Hard Part".

Cultural References

  • When Eli said that he thought Pronto's specialty was "power napping" (in which Pronto did twice), Pronto told Eli not to label him. "Power napping" is a negative label or stereotype towards the ethnic minorities in the US such as the African Americans and Latino Americans (Pronto is a representation of the Latinos).


  • In the end of the episode a Megamorphed Rammstone is seen but Burpy was the first megamorphed slug.



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