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The old stories tell of a distant shore, unreachable by normal means. A world of strange magic and secret knowledge and riches beyond belief. A cavern ablaze with fire, wall stretching into the infinite... The Burning World, lit by the lantern at the heart of creation...

The Surface (also known as "The Burning World" by Slugterrans) is the place located above SlugTerra. It's the top of the crust of the Earth, where most of the humans, or Topsiders, live.

Since Slugterrans generally never venture past their world, they consider the Burning World a myth. However, since there are stories about the Surface World, it can be assumed that a rare few have managed to reach it. Since the Shane family has long been associated with Slugterra, it is also possible that some information from the Shanes about the Burning World had ended up in SlugTerra, such as Eli's great-uncle Jimmo's journal. The Darkbane in particular seem to be aware of the Surface, with a sun painted over their leader's throne.

In terms of technology, the two worlds are basically the same, though SlugTerra has some advantages, such as Slugs and Mecha Beasts, while the Surface World is far more advanced in terms of flight and space travel.

Residences of the Surface