The Slugout is the fourth episode of Slugterra. It first aired on October 15, 2012 on Disney XD.


When the punks in the Hooligang cruise into Quiet Lawn Cavern, they think no one's got the guts to stand up to them so they trash the place. And they're right—until Eli and the Shane Gang come to town!


While out trying to get a Frostcrawler, Pronto accidentally causes the Slugs in the cavern to fall, and therefore all reach 100 mph. The cavern begins to freeze over, but before they become popsicles Eli saves them by launching Burpy. Burpy burns through the ice blocking the Shane Gang's escape and after they get out they find a Frostcrawler has hitched a ride on Lucky's tail, joining their team. However, in firing Burpy, Eli's blaster was damaged. Kord suggests they go see Redhook, the best of the best in Slugterra when it comes to blasters, who lives Quiet Lawn Cavern.

However, when they get there they find the Hooligang terrorizing the place adding more danger due to the fact Grenuker Slugs inhabit the place. Soon Eli challenges the leader, Billy, to a trickshot contest. Eli beats Billy, but he refuses to be beaten which escalates into a slug battle. They're once again beaten. Billy, in frustration over having one slug which is seemingly useless, tries to kill it, but Eli intervenes saving the slug, and sends them packing. Soon Eli recruits the abandoned slug, naming him Doc.

They finally go to see Redhook, but he refuses to fix it due to being "junk." Pronto tries to persuade Redhook but only makes things worst. Meanwhile, Billy gets his Slugs ghouled by Dr. Blakk, and returns. Eli goes back to Redhook's place where Pronto is trying to make amends but Redhook is adamant; however, he has a change of mind due to recognizing him as Will Shane's son and gives him a new blaster; he reveals it to be one of only two in the Slugterra, the other belonging to Will. Another battle ensues, and Eli and his gang are cornered, but use a Sonic snare combined with the Grenuker Slugs to knock out all but Billy. Billy tries to end things using his last Ghoul, but Eli uses Doc to face him. The two Slugs crash in the air, but finally the former ghoul slug falls to the ground, un-ghouled, revealing to all of them Doc is a healer. That sends the Hooligang packing, once again, with Doc officially being accepted in the Gang.



Voice Actors

Sam Vincent: Eli Shane

Andrew Francis: Kord Zane

Lee Tockar: Pronto

Shannon-Chan Kent: Trixie Sting

Mark Oliver: Dr. Blakk


Created By:
Asaph Fipke

Series Director:
Johnny Darrell

Blair Simmons

Elie Klimos
Jean Lacombe

Written By:
Scott Sonneborn

Story Editor:
Rob Hoegee


  • Featured Slugs: Grenuke, Boon Doc and Frostcrawler.
  • Eli gets a new Blaster in this episode.
  • Sparky was obtained by Eli in this episode along with Doc who was abandoned by Billy and Chiller who was persuaded by Eli to join even though he made his appearance in The Trade.
  • People in Quiet Lawn Cavern keep silent because they live under a colony of Grenuke Slugs, and these ones, if disturbed or scared by noises, could fall from above, activate and cause explosions. However, during the first Slugout between Eli and Billy, they do not look bothered at all by the noise of the duel and keep sleeping; instead, later, when Pronto throws a Sonic Snare, that produces a low sound, many of the Slugs, many of them scream and fall to the ground, activating their power. This could mean that these Slugs hear a different range of noises from humans, like dogs or other animals can hear ultrasounds and/or infra sounds, that humans cannot hear.


  • When Billy is picking his slug, instead of a Flaringo, he chooses an Infurnus.
  • Suds doesn't have transparency.
  • Eli shoots Goober but a Toxis slug is seen in the blaster.
  • When Eli gives back Shorty's blaster he has the new blaster.
  • In one scene, Burpy's stomach markings are missing.
  • When Eli and Trixie are fixing the mailbox, Eli has the new blaster despite Red hook gives the new blaster after the scene.
  • In Redhook's photograph his eye is purple.
  • When Eli falls off his mecha he has his old blaster.
  • When Pronto accidentally shoots his blaster at Shorty, there's a Slug tube loaded into it but no Slug.
  • When Dr. Blakk grabs Billy's slug the first time it showed it was empty but the second time when it showed the slug's expression it showed the slug.
  • When Kord is telling Eli that is he really going to risk losing all his slug even Burpy, just after Eli challenges Billy to a trickshot contest, Burpy is missing from his shoulder.



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