The Scrap Force is a gang that gathered the junk that was abandoned in The Scrap Heap and sold it or used it for their own profits, until Boss Ember fired his teammates. The Scrap Force was a name suggested by Trixie. They called themselves "The Tough Guys" before that.

These crooks first appear in The Hard Part in which the Shane Gang look for a Vitalis Crystal and find one: the leader Boss ember insists to keep the Crystal and challenges the Shane Gang for it, finally being defeated. The second time, Boss Ember rehires the Scrap Force to attack Caverna Mall as they left The Scrap Heap, by Megamorph Slugs, a fact that surprises the Shane Gang, in the Gateway Cavern.

In spite of liking the name "The Scrap Force" however, they are now renamed to "The Tough Guys" in Slugterra: Into the Shadows. Just later they join Tad and get Ghoul Slugs by him, but are however eventually defeated by the Shane Gang and the Shadow Clans.




  • They were formerly called "The Tough Guys".
  • Trixie gave them two suggestions for the "Tough Guys'" new name; "Junkyard Dogs" and "Scrap Force", Mongo immediately picks "Scrap Force", and Boss Ember approves of it.
  • Straggus can be easily tricked. An example is when Eli and Trixie were convincing him into using the Xmitter and he fell for it.
  • Munch joins the Scrap Force as seen in Slugterra: Into the Shadows, replacing Welder Walter.



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