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"The Return of the Eastern Champion" is the fifty-ninth episode of Slugterra and the thirteen episode of season three.


Junjie, Eli and the Gang rally their friends in the Eastern Caverns—and even some of their old enemies—to help them take down the Emperor and all of his Unstoppable Warriors once and for all!




  • This is the season finale of Season Three.
  • The Hoverblade's Megamorph Velocimorph debuts.
  • All the Elemental Slugs but Doc are now Guardians, but their appearances never changed. This also marks last appearance for the Earth, Fire, Water and Air Elementals.
  • Before performing the Fusion Shot with Doc, Charger is seen in his normal protoform, but after the fusion shot, Charger is seen in his Megamorph protoform.


  • The Shadow Clan from "Slug Day" reappears.
  • The story of how Yang defeated The Emperor as stated in "The Fall of the Eastern Champion" is told again.
  • Hamengku and The Outlaws returned since "Slugterra: Eastern Caverns".
  • The Tech Fu Controllers invented by Kord and Drucilla in "Eastern Tech" are mass-produced and used against Stone Warriors.
  • The Pyritor returns since being turned to stone in "Stuff of Legend".
  • Eli and Junjie do a double Slug Fu move using Burpy & Joo-Joo and a double Flamespire move for the third time since "Stuff of Legend" and "The Lady and the Sword".
  • Eli used 'shared sight' on Burpy for the third time since "Slugterra: Eastern Caverns" and "The Lady and the Sword".
  • The Emperor is shocked to see Lian alive after he has drained all of her life source to power up two Unstoppable Warriors in "The Emperor Strikes Back".
  • The colours of Lian's clothes and blaster return to the same colours as seen in the flashback of Junjie in "The Fall of the Eastern Champion".
  • Master Lian gave Eli the same advice that Master Shanai did back in "The Unbeatable Master" about listening to his slugs.

Cultural References

  • The title of this episode looks like a reference to the 1983 movie Star Wars Episode VI: The Return of the Jedi.


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