The Return is the twenty-seventh episode of Slugterra. It is set to air in Canada on Disney XD July 2 2013.


Armed with his powerful new weapon the Gatling Blaster, Blakk's unstoppable battle train threatens to run roughshod over all of Slugterra—unless Eli can master his new Double Barrel Blaster and come up with a powerful fusion move in time to stop it.


The episode starts with a Blakk Steel train speeding through Slugterra, almost hitting a Dirt Urchin in the process. Blakk Guards were seen guarding the top of the train, while in the cab, Dr. Blakk was telling the goon driving the train to "go faster and see what she can do". The goon pushes a throttle, and boosters start to speed up the train, making it go even faster. Maurice praises Blakk, saying that the train can really hug the rails. Blakk agrees and says that with the Slugterrian Express finally in motion, no one can stand in her way. Just one second later, the driver said,"Uh, sir, there is someone standing in our way!" Blakk gasped and looked out of the windscreen. The people standing in the train's way were the Shane Gang! Blakk was surprised that they were still alive after venturing into the Deep Caverns the last episode, so he told the driver goon to go "full burn ahead".The goon listened, and the train blasted at full speed towards an unprepared Shane Gang. When Pronto asked Eli how to stop the mighty beast, Eli confessed that that was a good question.

After the theme song, the gang immediately jumped off the rocks they were on just as the train ramms through them with an astonishing amount of force. After Eli got up, he asked his friends if they have a Plan B. Kord was caught by surprise that they still have a Plan B, and Eli answered his own question by hopping on his mecha and announcing that they "mount up and slug it out". The gang rides off to follow the train. Pronto gives a battle cry, which alerts the goons on the top of the train, and they shoot ghouls at the Shane Gang. The gang dodged the ghouls coming from all directions, and tried to fight back as much as possible. In the process, Plans C(slowing the train down) and D(go for the wheels) both failed, and Pronto warns Eli of Blakk, who was shooting a Hop Jack that Eli easily dodges. After a while, Kord thinks up of Plan F, which includes Eli and himself hopping onto the train while Trixie and Pronto cover them. As soon as they get onto the train, Eli and Kord kicks out two goons, but Blakk's Gattler almost knocks Eli off the train. Trixie gasps, and Kord asked where the train was heading towards. Trixie replied that they were going to the Beast Forge. The gang exchanges worried glances, as Blakk is sure going to destroy the place, which means that Slugterrians are going to be more dependent on the Slugterrian Express for transport, and also Blakk. As they go closer to The Forge, Trixie calls Grendel and tells him to get everyone out of that place. Grendel was furious when he saw the Slugterrian Express approaching the Forge, and he agreed almost immediately.

Just as the train was going to turn into the Forge, Eli hops onto the train and challenges Blakk. He takes out the Double Barrel attachment for the first time (despite Kord's warning that he had never tried it before and never knew what might happen) and loaded Burpy and Beeker into it. Eli's Enigmo, Mo, also wanted to get into a slug tube, but Eli did not let him do so as he thought that Mo's effect on him is not going to help. Instead, he blasted Burpy and Beeker, and the result is a destructive wave that cancels out all the slug energy in the area. Eli was caught by surprise that the fusion shot didn't work, and in the end, the gang can only watch as Blakk destroys the Forge. Fortunately, all the Cave Trolls working in it have evacuated safely. Just as Dr Blakk was going to shoot a Tempesto at the gang, there was a cry of "The Shadow Clan!!" from the goons. The Shadow Clan had materialized out of nowhere (like they always did) and fought off all the goons with astonishing ease. The gang takes this chance to escape, but the Shadow Clan leader and some members grab Eli and run off with him. Blakk and his minions speed off again on the train, assuming that Eli Shane is finished with the Shadow Clan. The rest of the gang decided not to follow Eli as Blakk is heading for Lumino Cavern next, which means that he will destroy it next. Instead, they decided to follow Blakk and stop him from destroying the cavern.

Later, at a mysterious place, the Shadow Clan confronts Eli, saying that he had incorrectly used the Slugs and caused devastating effects. He was lucky to only cancel out slug energy in the area, because there are far worse effects. Eli insists on learning how to see the Slug Auras, which is the only way to find out which Slugs are compatible for a Fusion Shot. The Shadow Clan gather around Eli threateningly as he declared to figure it out himself as he did not have much time, and he had to give in to them to stay.

Meanwhile, Trixie, Kord and Pronto reach Breakline Bridge (which leads to Lumino) before Blakk, and Trixie tells Kord to disconnect the bridge so that the train can't pass through. As he could not use his Slugs, Kord had to rip out the power source, and successfully disembodies the bridge when the train is on it. Their celebration was short, however, as the train flies up from the crevasse and lands on the opposite rails, and Trixie concluded regrettably that they should be at the other side of the bridge when they destroyed it.

The scene cuts back to Eli in the Shadow Clan territory, trying to figure out how to see the Slugs' aura-by hanging Spinner on his fingers, squeezing Glimmer gently and smelling Stinky (big mistake). The Shadow Clan leader approaches him, and Eli asked him sulkily if he is there to give him a clue. Surprisingly, the Shadow Clan leader tells him that the answer to his troubles is in his grasp. Eli looked down to his hand, which is holding Mo. He suddenly understood everything, and asked the leader to slug him with Mo. The leader did so, and through his blurry vision, Eli saw the slug auras. After a few combinations, he realized that Torch (his Forgesmelter) and Buzzsaw (his Thresher) are compatible, thus he tried it out and the result was more than satisfying.

At Lumino Cavern, the Slugterrian Express train pulls into the mine. The miners were willingly surrendering to prevent a fight, but Blakk does not want competition with them when he takes over the cavern, so he takes out his gattler to destroy them. Just as he was about to shoot, Joules flies past him, narrowly missing by an inch. Blakk turned around to see Eli standing on the top of a rock. His goons and himself start blasting ghouls at him, but Eli dodged them all and hid at the wheels of the Express. Later, Blakk cornered Eli in a rock prison and asked for last words. Just as it looked like our hero is done for, Trixie, Kord and Pronto arrive at the scene on their mechas. They fight off the goons, and when Eli's Double Barrel finally recharged fully, he decided to use it. Kord was apprehensive, but Eli said there weren't much time and he loaded Torch and Buzzsaw into it. He blasted it right at Blakk, and the fusion shot (MagmaBlade) defeated all the ghouls that were rapid-fired and finally Dr Blakk. Before Blakk knew it, Buzzsaw and Torch severed the train, destroying it beyond repair. Blakk growled and left the place.

Later, Trixie hugged Eli for his bravery, and asked if the Shadow Clan taught him how to do so. Eli said that they did not, but Mo did. Kord was ecstatic over the fact that the Double Barrel worked. Eli also confessed that he dreamed to become as good as the Unbeatable Master, but hearing the awkward silence, immediately adds that he was not saying that he was as good as the Unbeatable Master. Kord accepted that, and also said that Eli was nuts. The episode ends with the Shadow Clan disappearing into thin air from their place watching the gang. Then it shows Blakk very angry at Blakk industries then Nacho returns saying Honour my masters deal or there will be consequences.




  • Eli uses the Double Barrel for the first time.
  • El Diablos Nacho has returned.
  • Featured slug: Enigmo.
  • It is revealed that when the Enigmo slug hit you, you can see Auras, which can aid you to form compatible Fusion shots.
  • In the Mandarin version in Disney XD Asia, Auras are translated into "Chi", which means "life essence" and could be referring to Slug Energy.


  • Dr. Blakk is shocked to see the Shane Gang alive after they fell into The Great Abyss in the previous episode "What Lies Beneath".
  • The Beast Forge, Grendel and the other Cave Trolls are seen once again since their first appearance in "Mecha Mutiny".
    • After foiling Blakk's plans and saving them the first time, the Shane Gang seem to be in close contact with Grendel, however as a form of revenge and eliminating the competition, Blakk destroys the Forge.
  • Lumino Cavern is seen once again since first appearing in "No Exit".
    • After failing to gain control of the cavern the first time, Blakk arrives at the cavern in person to destroy yet another rival, but before he does, Chief Lucius this time tries accepting Blakk's terms.
  • After unknowingly seeing Slug Auras in "Endangered Species", Eli finally understands what he saw and a bit about what an Enigmo can do.

Cultural References

  • Kord finds it pretty offensive for Trixie to assume that he knows bridges just because he's a Cave Troll (although, he really knows bridges). This is a stereotype of the Cave Trolls, which is similar to other stereotypes of different races, for example, many people assume Asians are very good at math.


  • When Burpy and Beeker goes in the two tubes for Double Barrel, Beeker looks like Joules.
  • A White Boon Doc is in Eli's arsenal.



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