The Pyritor is a legendary monster carved out of stone, that resides in the Pyrite Cavern.


Deep within the caves of ore,
there's a monstrous Pyritor.

Whom from crystal caves seized the land,
that his people held in their hand.

But the mad Emperor who controls from his tower,
sees the Pyritor and fears it's power.

So he places a curse upon the beast,
commanding only crystals from this cave he shall eat.

And ever since that fateful day,
in his cave the Pyritor does stay.



  • Super Speed.
  • Immense Strength.


  • Loses power with every attack.
  • The Beast needs the Auroris Crystals of the Auroris Mines to stay alive and recharge himself or else he will turn into stone if the crystal is not given on time.


  • Stuff of Legend -
    After a thousand years, the legendary Pyritor is attacking the near by mines. So the Shane Gang go and check it out. The gang tries to stop the beast but have no luck, however they discover that Sleade is working with the beast and is tricking the miners into rewarding him with Auroris Crystals. And when the gang is confronted by the Pyritor in his lair, he reveals that he feels the Emperor's curse fading away and once it's gone, he'll take back what's his. The beasts puts up a great fight, but after the gang finds out that the crystals generate his power and that he gets weaker with every attack, the beast eventually turns into a statue for another thousand years.
  • The Return of the Eastern Champion -
    When Trixie feeds the frozen Pyritor a Auroris Crystal, he says to Trixie that he has been dreaming of revenge. Trixie says she'll give him some question If he helps them defeat The Guy he hates a lot more than Trixie. He is later seen attacking an Unstoppable Warrior by taking off his arm and firing the ghouls inside it. After the Emperor is defeated, he is seen overlooking Peach Blossom Spring Cavern whilst eating the Unstoppable Warriors arm, where he does a very "charming" burp.






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