The Lightwell is a sacred place protected by the Shadow Clan. It is located in the Shadow Mines.


First seen in the episode of the same name, the Lightwell is a special place where slugs can recharge their power.

The way to the Well itself is filled with challenges. The first challenge is a room full of floating rocks with water filling up the floor, a large metallic bat-like beast and a large reptilian fish. The next challenge is a giant worm beast. Finally one has to face the hive of Bees that inhabit the area. Once one has gone through they can acess the mysterious Lightwell.Dr.Blakk accessed the lightwell with ease as Eli cleared the obstacles.

It has also been proven that the Well contains light energy that radiates out into a small rim around the Well. This energy has been shown to cure ghouls that are exposed to it, just like a Boon Doc or other healer slugs.  The Lightwell's good energy can also cure slugs that are sick.  In addition, the Well's power limits the abilities of the Shadow Clan when they are in close proximity of its light.


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