The Lady and the Sword is the fifty-seventh episode of Slugterra and the eleventh episode of season three.


When Pronto accidentally uses the Emperor's sword blaster, he can suddenly do no wrong. Meanwhile, Lady Dai-Fu manipulates Underlord Holt into trapping the Shane Gang with a new superweapon: the Iron Warrior!




  • After Pronto accidentally uses The Emperor's Sword Blaster, he has become a hero that he always describes himself as. He gives credit to the Shane Gang, instead keeping the credit for himself as he always do. He also becomes very brave, fearless, confident and good in words. His skills has improved greatly due to the sword blaster.


  • The scene when the Emperor is defeated and is turning to stone from "Slugterra: Eastern Caverns" is seen in the Dai-Fu's dream.
  • Pronto has a change in personality and skills after he accidentally uses The Emperor's Sword Blaster in the end of "The Fall of the Eastern Champion".
  • Holt is shocked to see Pronto alive after he thought he has killed him in "Get Pronto".
  • The fusion shot of a Thresher and a Forgesmelter is used again since "The Return".
  • Eli and Junjie do a double Slug Fu move using Burpy & Joo-Joo and a double Flamespire move again since "Stuff of Legend".
  • Eli uses 'shared sight' on Burpy again since "Slugterra: Eastern Caverns".

Cultural References

  • Pronto's sentence "The rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated!" is similar to the quote on "Kingsman: The Golden Circle" poster, which is "Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated!".


  • This episode marks the second time Eli has done a Fusion Shot not only in Season Three but also since Junjie's joined them but oddly enough this is the first time Junjie's surprised to see a fusion, when in fact Junjie saw a fusion in Stuff of Legend.


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