The Hooligang is a trio of slingers that work for Dr. Blakk and wield Ghoul Slugs. In their first appearance, they wreak havoc in Quiet Lawn Cavern by shooting trick shots that wreck the town. They are also seen painting graffiti on the buildings.

Their Mecha-Beasts are custom made to resemble hyenas. When it comes to Slugs, they prefer to use Hop Jacks. After their confrontation with the Shane Gang and despite getting assistance using Ghoul Slugs they were defeated, the Hooligang was fired from Blakk Industries. Following this, the Hooligang is no longer seen using Ghoul Slugs.


The group debuted in episode 4, The Slugout where they are tasked by Dr. Blakk to recruit the Blastsmith, Red Hook. However, when the Shane Gang was also trying to recruit Red Hook's aid, the two groups immediately clashed. Eli was able to defeat Billy in a trickshot contest and a duel, using Shorty's blaster, since his own blaster was too damaged to use at the time. When Billy tried to abandon and kill his Boon Doc, calling it a useless slug, Eli intervened, blasting Billy with his Jellyish and causing the Hooligang to retreat. Humiliated, the Hooligang returned to Blakk and received Ghouls before returning to Quiet Lawn Cavern and began to drive the heroes back. However, after a little teamwork and the "healing touch" from Doc, they were defeated for a second time.

They are next seen in Snowdance causing trouble at a drive-in theater. When they get the attention of the Shane Gang, the two sides have a standoff. The resulting fight causes the other moviegoers to flee and Billy to reveal their dismissal from Blakk Industries. The battle continues, humorously mimicking that of the movie still playing on-screen.

A few shots cause the theater's cavern to nearly collapse, forcing the Shane Gang to surrender. The Hooligang's victory was short-lived, however, as a dreaded Ice Ogre bursts out from hibernation. Billy and his gang fire upon the Ogre, causing it to grow larger.

They all try to evacuate but Billy stops Trixie, trying to get the recording that showed his victory over the Shane Gang from earlier in the episode. Trixie tells him that the only reason Eli quit was to save people, exactly the same thing Eli was doing at that moment. Billy scoffs and tells her to keep the camera on him. Billy shoots a Slug at the Ogre, making Trixie remark that he's trying to prove that he's better than Eli.

The Ogre continues to grow bigger. When Eli returns after rescuing a bystander, he slings Burpy and immobilizes the Ogre in an ice hole. Billy tells Trixie that he wanted everybody know that the Hooligang saved the day while the Shane Gang ran away.

He shoots a Tazerling at the Ogre which, once again, makes it grow larger. This time, the Ogre makes the exits cave in, trapping both gangs. They take refuge in the theater's Snack Shack. After Eli put the Ogre to sleep, they are tricked by Trixie into getting  close to the Slyren Slug, which then proceeded to put them to sleep.

Later they again attempted to take over Quiet Lawn Cavern in Slug Fu Showdown, but were forced out after Sally defeated them using the Elemental Slugs.

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