The Hard Part is the twenty-fifth episode of Slugterra.


The episode starts with the gang visiting Red Hook, trying to make Eli a fusion blaster. After being skeptic about it, Red Hook finally tells them about the a Vitalis Crystal, that i needed build the double barrel, and the Gang leave to find one. Arriving at The Scrap Heap, Kord checks to see if one is in stock, finding one in an air freshener. After finding it, the Shane Gang encounter the Scrap Force, a gang of slingers, run by the smarter Boss Ember. After a small fight, the gang looses when an Xmitter is used. Eli then duels Ember, who reveals his other limbs, unleashing a barrage of Slugs at Eli. After a battle, the gang manage to start escaping with the crystal. However Ember follows them, only to get knocked back to deepest storage. After showing Red Hook, he begins production on the Double Barrel, while Dr. Blakk is already making his Gattler mend.




Created By:
Asaph Fipke

Series Director:
Johnny Darrell

Blair Simmons
Barry Karnowski

Elie Klimos
Jean Lacombe

Written By:
Alexx Van Dyne

Story Editor:
Rob Hoegee



  • The scene when Shanai performs a fusion shot against Dr. Blakk in "The Unbeatable Master" is seen as a flashback.



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