The Gentleman and the Thief is the twenty-third episode of Slugterra.


Using some stolen Shadow Clan tech, Dana Por is able slip in and out of any cavern in Slugterra—and rob them blind! But when she makes the mistake of stealing from Dr. Blakk, Eli is the only one who can protect her from The Gentleman, a suave but deadly mercenary Blakk hires to take back what was stolen from him—and bring back the scalp of the girl who stole it!


Dana uses the device she stole from the treasure chest to teleport from one place to another and becomes a thief. She steal things from everyone, even Trixie's camera. Unaware of the consequences, she steals Blakk's blaster. So Blakk appoints the Gentleman to get his blaster back and get Dana alive. Gentleman is an experienced slinger who uses Geoshard Slugs to crystallize his opponent. Knowing this, Eli tries to save her from the gentleman. The gang blackmails him to change sides and Eli comes up with a plan to prevent Blakk from chasing Danna. When Blakk confronts Eli upon request, they duel. Blakk backs out on his agreement and reveals the gentleman. Eli then brings Dana who acts as his backup. However, the gentleman corners Danna and shoots her in such a way that she doesn't get crystallize completely when hit with the Geoshard slug. The crystallized Danna falls into a rivet caused by Eli and Blakk's dueling. Eli saves her and escapes. She gets cured using Pronto's Slyren. Eli thinks that the Shadow Clan device will be safe with Dana.




  • The running gag of this episode is that Kord keeps getting words for the crossword puzzle he is playing from other people (Dana Por, The Gentleman, Shane Gang).
    • Another running gag of this episode is that Trixie expresses her anger continuingly after Dana steals her camera.


  • The scenes when The Gentleman's Geoshard hits Dana directly and when the crystalized Dana loses balance and falls into the river are cut out from Disney XD Asia.


Cultural References

  • The first arc of the episode kind of plays an homage to classic heist genre, where things are going missing and no one knows why or who's doing it, and the thief begins to take even risker moves.


  • In the beginning of the episode, Trixie has two cameras.
  • The Gentleman shoots a red Speedstinger and then it is orange.
  • When Trixie pointed a Frostcrawler at The Gentleman when they made the deal in the flashback she has an Arachnet.



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