The Gateways (unofficial name) are anicent artifacts of great power and lead to places great distances away.


Anicent, of unknown origin and potentially dangerous, these gateways are ancient terraportals to places great distances away. But they were long forgotten until one was unearthed in The 99 Caverns nearly a thousand years later.


The Gateways display a total of 7 symbols; with 6 symbols representing the destinations and 1 representing the current location.

Symbol Location
The 99 Caverns
EasternCaverns symbol
The Eastern Caverns
"The Sun" The Surface
UnknownLocation symbol 1
Unknown Cavern Symbol 1
Unknown Cavern Symbol 2
Unknown Cavern Symbol 3


  • The Gateway(s) can only be activated using The Elementals, but possibly need the Shadow Clan as well.
    • It is unknown how the Shane Gang returned to The 99 Caverns since four out of five Elementals are now Guardian Slugs, guarding the Guardian Gate in The Eastern Caverns.
  • The Gateway(s) haven't been used in a thousand years, which resulted in the Shadow Clan forgetting about their existence.
  • It is possible that there is a Gate in each realm and that the Gates are protected by their realms' Shadow Clan.
  • It's unknown if 1 of the 6 destination symbols was for The Deep Caverns.


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