The Fall of the Eastern Champion is the fifty-sixth episode of Slugterra and the tenth episode of season three.


Junjie recounts the ancient history of the Eastern Caverns and his ancestors, and the events that led to his downfall and transformation from the Eastern Champion to the Dark Slinger.


In Peach Blossom Spring Cavern, the gang and residents that had gathered together for Slugmas (Slug Day) are still in the area and while Pronto cooks dinner, Symothy (a child from the previous episode) asks Junjie what the caverns were like before the Emperor took over and various other questions, but Junjie tells him it's a long story but the gang insists he tell him, so Junjie accepts and tells them in order for it to be understood, he'll have to start at the beginning.

It began 88 generations ago in a distant land called China with his ancient ancestor, Yang, a great archer. And then there was the first Emperor of China, an evil and power hungry man who wielded magical powers and wanted to seize all the land and find the mythical elixir of life which gives the power of immortality. Nearly everyone had surrendered and joined the Emperor, making Yang the only one to face the Emperor, but the Emperor's armies would out number Yang and he'd be knocked unconscious and fall into a river. For days he floated unconscious, going wherever the river took him, but when he woke up he would find himself near a hidden grotto and decided to go through. Eventually he'd come across Peach Blossom Spring Cavern, a beautiful and peaceful place, that could only be called myth, but it wasn't. From then on he would use the cavern as a safe haven for him and his people from the Emperor's tierney, but eventually the Emperor would find out and hated that there was a place that wasn't in his control and would go searching for it, but he had no luck. In the meantime, Yang and his people would soon find out that they weren't alone, they would find people who were nice and some that weren't and slugs, including Joo-Joo. Then Yang would get an innovative idea, he'd use his archery skills, the slugs and his martial art skills to create Slug Fu and would go on to become the first Eastern Champion.

But one day, one of the criminals Yang had caught had escaped and this greedy rogue who was seeking for revenge would find his way to the surface and reveal the location of The Eastern Caverns to the Emperor. Yang knew what was going to happen next, so before the Emperor could wreck havoc, Yang would stand guard near the passage in Peach Blossom. The Emperor and Yang would have a fierce battle, it was so fierce that the ground between them would form an abyss, but luckily for Yang, the Emperor had not seen Slug Fu before and Yang would use a Rammstone to crumble the ledge beneath the Emperor and take an 18-19 level drop beneath Peach Blossom until he landed in a vile liquid called Dark Water. Finally the Emperor had obtained the immortality he desired and made him stronger than a men, but it also made him less of a human. Using his new power, he would create a new army of Stone Warriors, soulless automatons infused with his power and made to only serve him, and would lead them up a hole above, but at the top the hole would be sealed off by a Guardian Gate and wouldn't let anything infused with Dark Energy pass through, including the Emperor.

Nearly 2000 years later, Junjie is given Joo-Joo and is coronated as the newest Eastern Champion by Master Lian. Meanwhile, the Emperor is seen waiting and captures one final slug and ghouls it, but then he recalls his battle with Yang and creates a blaster of his own, a Sword Blaster would from rocks and his dark powers, and tests it out. Happy with the results, the Emperor then attaches blasters on the Stone Warriors and they begin climb again and break through the barrier and the Shadow Clan try to fight but are defeated and the Guardian Slugs flee, but a Guardian Boon Doc that was healing an injured Guardian Tormato is caught and ghouled by the Emperor, turning into the Goon. Back in Peach Blossom, Junjie is seen training children as Master Lian watches, but soon a gong is heard, and Lian tells Junjie its the Guardian Gate and tells him to go on the offensive and trust in Joo-Joo because he's been through this before.

The Stone Warriors being attacking like a swarm of bees and Junjie has a tough time fighting them off and even when Lian and Hamengku soon join the fight, the results are still the same. Eventually the Emperor appears and slowly walks between the Warriors, and quickly recognizes Junjie as Yang descendant, and mocks Junjie's skills as he uses the same slug and fights the same way Yang did and hasn't learned anything new. Eventually the Emperor would use the Goon on Junjie, knocking him down as the Goon begins corrupting his mind and he watches Lian being surrounded by the Warriors. And later Junjie is seen as the Dark Slinger and that's where the story ends.

Everyone is in awe after hearing the story, and Junjie tells them he spent years doing horrible things until was saved by his friends. And Pronto then makes everything about himself as he usually does and grabs the Emperor's sword and accidentally fires it, shooting a Photomo in the sky, forming fireworks, but the sword's energy core starts blinking. And off in the distance, above the rooftop of the Emperor's palace, the Dai-Fu is seen looking down at them and then walks towards the statue-ified Emperor and asks him/it for advice, as the Emperor's laugh is heard.




  • Junjie reveals his ancestor, Yang, was the first Eastern Champion & Slug Fu master and that he originally lived on the surface in China.
  • It's revealed that Joo-Joo originally belonged to Yang and was passed down from generation to generation.
  • It's revealed the Emperor was also originally from China and that he was the first Emperor of China.
  • It's revealed that the Emperor when through a similar transformation as Dr. Blakk.
  • It's revealed that the Goon was originally a Guardian Boon Doc.
  • Unlike in What Lies Beneath, Junjie reveals they have a Guardian Gate that's powered by 11 Guardians instead of 12.


  • This episode is taken after "Slug Day" as the people of The Eastern Caverns come to this cavern and redecorate it for Slug Day after it is left abandoned upon the Emperor's defeat.
  • The Dai-Fu and The Emperor return since "Slugterra: Eastern Caverns".
  • Junjie says that he has lived in many, many dark years until he meets the Shane Gang, who set him free from The Goon's control in "Slugterra: Ghoul from Beyond".

Cultural References

  • The history of how Yang found Peach Blossom Spring Cavern is similar to the Chinese fable The Peach Blossom Spring.
  • The Emperor falling 18 levels below Peach Blossom Spring Cavern is a reference to Chinese culture that level 18 in hell signifies the heaviest punishments for the worst souls.


  • Junjie says the gate uses 11 slugs, but a 12th slug (a Negashade) could be seen.
  • The Gate also shows 12 symbols (when there should be 11), and the extra symbol is another Light symbol.


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