The Eastern Caverns a.k.a. the "Eastern Realm" and simply "The East", are a region of caverns located East of The 99 Caverns, but are divided by a wall of lava and rock, so their existence was unknown.


These caverns were completely unknown to the residents of the 99 Caverns, but their known history goes back 2000 years, 88 generations before Junjie inherited the ancestral role of the "Eastern Champion". These caverns were once very beautiful and more jungle-like in appearance compared to The 99 Caverns and for 2000 years, Junjie's family try to keep them that way but when the day came that Junjie failed to protect his home from the 2000 year old enemy known as The Emperor, the East became a hostile place for all the good folks of the caverns.


Known Residents


List of Caverns

  1. Auroris Cavern
  2. Bountiful Harmony Cavern
  3. Eastern Forest (The Technician's cavern)
  4. Eastern Ice Cavern
  5. Flowstone Cavern
  6. Heaven's Pillar Cavern
  7. The Industrial Cavern
  8. Peach Blossom Spring Cavern (The Emperor's cavern & Junjie's home cavern)
  9. Pyrite Cavern
  10. Serenity Cavern
  11. Smudge Vapor Cavern

Other Locations

  1. 200 Dragon Arch
  2. Auroris Mines
  3. The Great Temple
  4. The Grotto
  5. The Imperial Palace (The Emperor's HQ)


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