Drop Chair

The Drop is the only method so far shown to get to SlugTerra. Eli uses it to get from The Surface to SlugTerra. The Drop lands within "a few hundred yards", as Will Shane's letter explains, from the Shane Hideout. A second Drop is found at the bottom of a deep chasm in "What Lies Beneath" and an unofficial drop in The Fall of the Eastern Champion.


A user rides a carriage-seat down a winding tunnel, traveling at very high-speed, ending through a hole at the top of the cavern where the Shane Hideout is located. The seat safely parachutes the rider several hundred feet down to the ground. All the Drop lies in a secret room in the sewer system of the town where Eli lives, hidden by a door that can be recognized for a button with a Slugterra star that is painted on it, at the wall, and that opens the door by being pushed.

Due to the fact that there is no aviation technology in SlugTerra, the Drop is considered as a one-way journey. Reaching the exit hole to backtrack up through the tunnel to the Surface is considered impossible. However, due to the fact that the Shane family has interacted with SlugTerra for generations, it is implied that they have found the means to return to the world above.

It turns out that a way to leave Slugterra would be to ride on a Slug that can fly like an Infurnus and a Hoverbug, or a flying machine like Tad's.

As of the episode Light as Day, the drop which Eli and Will came from was sealed by Eli.

In Slugterra: Into the Shadows, Tad and Pieper found the Drop used by the Shanes and used it to travel down to Slugterra. He used Pieper to make an opening of The Drop since it was sealed by Eli in Light as Day. What will happen with it after Tad's defeat is still not clear.


  • Although maybe not an official drop, there is a third one in the Eastern caverns which connects to China. It was discovered by Junjie's ancestor Yang.


The Fall of the Eastern Champion

Slugterra: Into the Shadows

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