Ghoul Portal

Terraportals are portals that can transport things to other lands beyond a person's reach, and can be created using Slug Energy or Dark Energy and a gate or drill ("Terraportal Drill") of some sort.

Using Slug Energy

So far Fandango Slugs are the only known slugs able to create Terraportals using Slug Energy, but require a number of them to open one, as seen in Slugterra: Ghoul from Beyond.

Using Ghoul Energy

Terraportals being created using Dark Energy are different, they don't require any specific Ghoul Slug race, and the size of the portal and number of creatures that can pass through depends on the number of Ghouls being used. Also, using Ghoul made portals can change a person's appearance, like Dr. Blakk. And in Light as Day, it was shown that Ghoul portals can be put in reverse, if the Ghouls and their Dark Energy is healed.

List of Known Terraportal Making Ghouls



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