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Thaddius D. Blakk, at your service.

Thaddius D. Blakk, better known as Tad, is the biological son of series' main antagonist, Dr. Thaddius Blakk, and appears as the main antagonist in the movie, "Slugterra: Into the Shadows".


13-year-old Tad is from The Surface and took a drop down to Slugterra with his slug Pieper who can emit soundwaves that hypnotize slugs. But soon this newcomer casts his own shadow on the chaos.


Tad initially seemed like a kind, caring person who wanted to protect Slugterra from all dangers even getting along with the Shane Gang. However, this was all a ruse as he only got close to them to learn more about the Slugs and Slugterra. He is actually cold, ruthless, manipulative, and has a desire to rule all of Slugterra and other traits he shares with his father, Dr. Blakk. In spite of following in his father's footsteps he doesn't have respect for him due to the fact he was beaten by Eli Shane a kid who was his age and wants to be better than his father. The only thing he cares about is his slug Pieper, he doesn't turn her into a ghoul and comforts her when they were stranded in the Deep Caverns


Much like Eli Shane, Tad is from The Surface and took a drop down to SlugTerra with his slug Pieper. The Shane Gang took Tad under their wing, training him to blast like a pro with Eli's old blaster and teaching him to live by the Slugslinger's code. Tad takes to it like a natural, and as Kord says, it looks like they have another "slugslinging savant from the Surface" on their hands.

After his first day of training, Tad helps the Shane Gang in stopping Locke and Lode from commiting a theft; a little later, the Gang has a Slugout with the Scrap Force: in the slugout, Shadow Clan appear and Eli tries to reason them, but a Slug that Tad shoots makes the negotiation with Eli fail. Tad is still missing after the slug-out with the Shadow Clan, but the Gang have to set off without him when reports start coming in of Slugs disappearing all across the 99 caverns. As they pursue the trail of missing slugs, the mystery grows darker when it leads them straight to Dr. Blakk's old stronghold!

Tad is found to be using Ghouls to realise Dr. Blakk's original plan: he manages to reactivate Blakk's old Ghouling machine and to recruit the Scrap Force to work with him, by offering them the newly-created Ghouls. As a fight ensues after Eli and his friends break into the building, Tad reveals that he was not the only one who knew Dr. Blakk, but is also his son, and to has been organizing his plan for quite some time already. He keeps fighting with Eli and Shadow Clan, until later he meets the same fate as his dad, as he falls into the Deep Caverns, followed by Pieper.

At the end of the episode, Tad and Pieper landed in the Deep Caverns and looking around them, and Tad comforting his Slug as if everything will be all right.

Family Tree

Harlan E. Blakk
Thaddius Blakk
Thaddius D. Blakk


  • Tad is one of the two Shane Gang members, and of the show, to have their exact age stated, the first one is Eli.
  • The Drop that Tad found to travel down to Slugterra is The Drop that The Shanes used.
    • This may hint that Tad lived around Eli's neighborhood.
  • Tad got Pieper when he saved her from a cat back in the Surface when he was a kid.
  • Tad has a map of the underground tunnels in his smartphone to find The Drop thanks to Pieper.
  • As revealed when he tries to catch a Hop Rock, Tad likes popcorn, scary movies and rainy days.
  • Tad starts his training with Eli's first Blaster, that actually was broken apparently in an irreversible way by use, many months before, in the episode The Slugout; Eli's words could mean maybe that the model of this Blaster is used by Tad, unless Eli's real first Blaster was somehow mended sometime in the show.
  • In the episode Back to Blakk, Thaddius Blakk tries to get some information about The Surface, as if the scientist did not know about its existence but suspected it. However, considering that Tad comes from there, how much Dr. Blakk knows about "The Burning World" is still uncertain.


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